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    Artificial intelligence and unemployment situation

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being developed and adopted in various areas in a big way. New unprecedented methods are being invented to apply AI in many tasks which were earlier considered massive and tough from normal standards.
    In this situation a question pops up in mind whether such advanced computing methods would affect the employment situation in the world especially in highly populated countries like India.
    While using an advanced software in AI environment it is likely that machines would be able to do mammoth tasks in short time which otherwise a group or team of people could do in significant time.
    Will AI create more unemployment in the coming times? What are your views on this? Please share your thoughts.
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    To some extent, the author may be correct. But when computerisation started many people thought that unemployment will increase. But many jobs are created in that field and now a general category person will get a job in the IT sector only but not in any other field.
    The same will happen even with this Artificial Intelligence aspect. Many people may get jobs in that field so the loss of jobs in other fields may be compensated there. So the position may not change that much but jobs in the IT sector will increase.
    To make AI work we may have to write many programmes and many languages may have to be developed. Similarly, we will require other accessories for the mentioned field. So jobs in those areas may increase and in some other areas we may see a reduction but overall, we may not see much change.
    The salaries in AI field will be on the higher side and hence money circulation will increase and service jobs may also increase.

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    I don't think the author should worry about the unemployment situation due to AI if it happens in the near future. The reason why I say this is that humans invent AI and it is a computer programme. So, to keep AI working well, there has to be another team which is of course employed to look after this AI (computer programme) system.

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    Since it is Artificial Intelligence (AI) it requires human intelligence also to function properly. AI can solve a part but not the whole. For example, many of us start conversations with chatbots while looking for specific information on some websites. Can they satisfactorily answer our queries all the time? My personal experience is absolutely not satisfactory and I hope many will have the same opinion. AI will open new doors and new jobs will be created in that field but unemployment will not decrease unless there is enough job for the youth. Some jobs may be taken by AI-deployed robots, like housekeeping jobs in hotels, but jobs have to be created in other areas to keep people engaged. Another important factor is the impending clash between man and machines, which I may have opined on earlier in some other posts if machines become too intelligent. The unemployment scenario the world over is a concern for all and has to be addressed jointly.

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    Today, we are observing a large number of layoffs in many industries including IT and software field. It could be due to the overall economic slow down across the globe.
    At the same time many companies are vying with each other for developing AI and we are seeing a transition from conventional working to AI environment. So in my view a threat perception is on the anvil in respect of the employment situation in future.

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    Artificial Intelligence has been created to facilitate the IT people to take up their jobs speedily with this domain. Our earlier concept was to expand the business with the expansion of AI. Huge expansion of AI would create more jobs for the aspirants and in no way, it could be treated as a threat to the practising managers in the field of AI.
    This established corollary is not working in this recessionary phase where the reverse is happening where we find that the prominent IT companies are not inducting fresh IT professionals any more this time and apart from that there are reports that huge number of employees from Google and Microsoft have been shown doors during this critical time. This is providing more opportunities to other employers in the IT field to follow other big giants doing similar attempts.

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    As mentioned by the author some people are laying off some of their employees. At the same companies are going to colleges and conducting campus interviews also. So the actual situation is to be observed correctly. In some of the organizations, the top management is trying to cut down their expenses by engaging fresh people and trying to say bye to some seniors. Some of the organizations are trying to recruit skilled persons with higher pay packets. The situation is not very clear. But it is clear that India is not going to face a big recession as the manpower is cheap here wham compared to many other countries. As such opportunities are not diminishing completely.
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