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    KCR seems to be on a big winning streak

    There is some good news coming from Hyderabad. KCR it positively seems does seem to enjoy a good image. The BJP is trying its best and will use all tricks. But KCR is bound to do well, according to many settled in Hyderabad.

    KCR, is now being said, will use the current developments to whip up a campaign directly targeting the BJP and Modi.

    Well, since one big group was openly favored by the Government is now in deep trouble, the BJP would have a lot of explanation to do. It cannot just try to bury under the carpet.

    What is the actual position? We need strong leaders like KCR. Hope he will come back with a bang.
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    The people who are staying in Hyderabad know better about KCR and his way of working. How much many he grabbed and how many of his family members are there in the ruling side and how much money they are making, is known to the people staying in the state.
    He is never an alternative to BJP in the Centre. He may win in Telangana but definitely with less majority than what he got in the earlier elections. KCR is never reliable. He promised Sonia Gandhi that he will merge his party with Congress if separate statehood is given. After separation, the dumped Congress. I can mention many such instances here.
    KCR is a selfish leader without nay proper agenda. Because of the work done by Naidu earlier, Hyderabad is developing. In GHMC area KCR lost his credentials. Only in rural areas he may win some seats and ultimately may form the government. He is the Chief Minister but so far he never sat in his seat in Secretariat as some Vaastu pandits told him not to sit there. He is not an alternative to BJP in the center.

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    "What is the actual position? We need strong leaders like KCR. Hope he will come back with a bang."------- What is the actual position? We need strong leader like Modi. Hope he comes back with a big bang everywhere.
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    Seems the author is so much interested to throw out the present central Government that he can make anyone a national"strong leader'. It is the same author who sometime back said the same thing about Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. Tomorrow there may be another leader coming out from his bag. However, it is totally the personal opinion of the author and we need to respect it.

    I really do not know much about the KCR and his leadership so I can't comment about him. However, the way Dr Rao has said about him, it looks interesting.

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    So what is the good news about it? Is the author belongs to the party of KCR, who promised him something significant if he wins or this thread is simply another Modi/BJP-bashing post? I would request the author to please refer to this post he made earlier almost on a similar topic. I would like to know the actual position of the author regarding his intention - whether he wishes to discuss a specific issue or only wishes to criticise a specific political party. If it is only about criticising a specific political party then this thread will not serve any purpose and it is better to join the camp opposite to the party he dislikes the most.

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    There is nothing wrong to have one's own opinion and wish. But educated and people who can read and understand should not fall victims to mere propaganda. If that happens then the country's future will be weak.
    Except for the staunch blind political opponents , the whole world now knows how India has moved towards development and strength in the last few years after Modi became PM.

    This strong position of present India is not a fluke, but by the vision and consistent determination and action taken by the Modi government. They are working practically 24X7X365 without any rest. Hence they do not have time to reply to the worthless allegations and falsehoods and imaginary accusations by vested interests. We have to be clearly aware that there is a very strong and influential section inside and outside the country who clearly know their existence is finished if Modi continues. So they want Modi to be out of power. The elections are nearing in a year. The vested interest have become so stirred that they do not leave any stone unturned to spin propaganda after propaganda against Modi. But as hey cannot have even a single point to show against Modi, they attack all those who are directly o indirectly helping India grow under Modi's vision and action.

    The government and the well intentioned, politically and nationally aware public and voters are fully knowing this. They expect many many more such stories, attacks, allegations, sensationalisations and spread of untruths and fanning of unrests.

    But the real truth behind all these vested interests and their funding people will come out in due course and they will stand exposed. Any gain they get now will be just temporary. The nation is now clear about its internal enemies as well as external enemies and also its fair-weather friends.

    KCR is trying to save himself from trouble coming to him when some real truths about him will come out. The present attempts by him are akin to anticipatory bail from trouble.

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    KCR is facing many allegations. His daughter is in deep trouble due to her involvement in Delhi liquor scam. The opposition leaders in the state are bringing out many of his mistakes and corrupt actions into open. To safe guard himself and to divert the attention of the public to such new party and new aspects.
    Many of his party members are trying to go away. His own son is not very keen in starting a national party. So KCR is never a PM candidate. No opposition leader will support him.

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    KCR is a powerful local political entity and a seasoned politician. He was always holding some important position in the erstwhile Govts in our country. He was central Minister with various portfolios like labour, employment and transport. He also had positions in Andhra Pradesh before formation of Telangana. He was instrumental in creating a new state that is Telangana and enjoying Hyderabad as its capital. Andhra Pradesh has to make a new capital ready for it that is Amarawati and the full-fledged developed Hyderabad goes to KCR.
    He is not only ambitious but also a mastermind politician but his influence is limited to Telangana. So comparing him with Modi does not not appear an equitable equation.
    There is little chance that the combined opposition in India will choose him as the leader to fight BJP in coming elections.

    Knowledge is power.

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    KCR holds strong influence in some pockets of Telangana especially in the rural areas but at the same time people are aware of his mindset. He might promise something but how far the same there would be fulfilment of the same cannot be predicted. He remained as powerful position in Andhra Pradesh before the formation of Telangana. He nourished as a nice dream of forming a separate state retaining Hyderabad as its capital. The members of the party has their expectations with this personality that he would take up concrete plans for the development of the state. But no such developments could be seen. He has been targeted several times by his opponents to nab his weakness.
    Hence in the time ahead, there is no question of regaining popularity of the entire newly formed state. He cannot be a powerful politician unless he changes himself but at present this seems to be a distant dream.

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    KCR is well-known for his corruption, grant of undue privilege to his family-members, terrible superstition and appeasement of a particular community. I would like to co-relate this Forum post (terribly edited by an editor) raised only a few weeks earlier:-Kite-flying banned in Hyderabad

    And this type of leader is strongly backed by a so-called educated ISC-an! All due to irrational hatred for Modi!

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    Just like so many Members have their opinions about Modi, I too have a right to my opinion. Yes. I do not like the current dispensation and leadership. I strongly feel that a leader like Mr.Narasimha Rao was too good and far more efficient than the current leader. I also admire Vajpayee who never crossed swords with his opponents. He was a great gentleman and he had a stature that would be far greater than someone who is projected to be a great leader.

    Yes, just like many members have their opinion, I have my own views. I do not know so many Members should pounce on me. I have a right to my opinion.

    I note KCR's reach. However, if the Opposition comes together and has a common minimum program, I do hope that 2024 will be vastly different.

    We need a secular alternative and do hope that there is this alternative in 2024.

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    ABSivakumar, you are entitled to your opinion and there is no doubt about it. At the same time, if the same opinion is circulated through various threads in various forms does it really help? Venting your anger and providing your opinion at the right place and the right time can serve a purpose and that would be much better rather than posting threads related to almost the same topic. I don't think the discussion initiated in the thread can be carried forward as this has only one purpose - to criticize a particular dispensation. We must criticize and that has to be constructive. But criticizing all the time on the same issue is of no use and hence this thread is locked for further responses.

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