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    Are you a minimalist? Or do you follow a maximalist lifestyle?

    There are mainly two groups of people. Some people believe in simplicity and follow a modest lifestyle. It has been said that if you carry less luggage when you travel you will get much more comfortable. In contrast, if you have with you too many bags and other things while traveling your journey will bother you. The same example applies to life itself.

    Minimalists believe in keeping things at home at a minimum level. For instance, they do not buy clothes at the drop of a hat but purchase them only when they are needed. They also do not have too many accessories. They feel that a house should be clean and free of clutter. When they keep their house in this manner, the house looks not only clean but you have a positive vibe when you enter it. Similarly, while traveling also carry only a small suitcase or a bag and pack it with only necessary items which they would use during their travel and stay.

    What about maximalists? They are quite opposite to the above group of people. They buy things just because they have enough money to squander. They are showy and have pride in wearing branded clothes and accessories and store excessive items at home. While traveling also they carry with them extra luggage which becomes a problem not only for them but also for their co-travelers. When you enter their house, you can observe their extravagant nature at a single glance. For example, you can find furniture which is stacked around the house and excessive items.

    Finally, our minds can also be compared similarly. If excessive thoughts fill our minds, we become restless and unhappy. The mind should be controlled by thinking only a few positive thoughts which will surely keep us happy and satisfied.

    Dear Members, I feel I have extra clothes and a few unused items at home. I want to set up a good example of a minimalist myself. Therefore, I have decided to lead a simple, clean, and clutter free life.
    What about you? Please discuss.
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    I think I am a minimalist. I never keep too many clothes. Only based on the need only I will purchase. Generally, when we attend functions in the houses of close relatives, the gift us some clothes. These days the stock of such clothes increased. So a huge portion from them was donated to orphanages and old age homes. Some I use myself. Even other items also in the house are purchased based on the need only. No waste items will be allowed to get accumulated in our house. But recently because of granddaughter a lot of toys are seen here and there in the house. When I travel, I try to carry minimum luggage only. I never entertain high luggage. My wife also carries less luggage only.
    As far as my thoughts are concerned, I try to be positive always. But sometimes negative thoughts may start coming. But I will get the thoughts diverted from that to another aspect which will give me some peace of mind.

    always confident

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    Those people who have a control on themselves and do not have impulsive nature in respect of buying and accumulating things are known as minimalist but it is not easy to be a minimalist in the present day environment.
    Most of the people who are financially well off get attracted to the various new items and services available in the market and buy them and feel the thrill of using them. These are the people who have a large inventory in their house though they time to time dispose them by selling off or by giving them in charity. Generally rich people will spend money and aquire all facilities in their lives. It is very rare to see a rich person living a life of minimalist. Even if he may be living like that but his family members might not be copying him. The family members also might not like the minimalist existing in their families.
    I was a minimalist for a long time but lately I am also getting attracted to the marketing gimmicks and am buying some items on impulse. Most of them are redundant in my house.

    Knowledge is power.

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    We should restrict to our wants and the best way is to purchase the minimum items so as to enjoy the life peacefully. There is no end to maximum. This should be very much clear to all of us. If we have the passion of the materials, it cannot be quenched. More we hanker for such articles, more attachments would develop.
    After all, we are living in families and have to see what are their thoughts on consumption patterns. It would be difficult to force them to adopt our own styles. This would require constant preaching to influence them. Surely with our friendly arguments, they can be convinced with our principles. We should not take any hasty step to distort peace of our life.

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    I was considering myself as a 'mediumist'. But from the reaction of many people seeing and commenting about my lifestyle I feel that I am a minimalist. But still I am not convinced about their views and feel I am above the minimum.

    I may be one in the lower middle class and as such my lifestyle is definitely lower than the middle level. But yet I cannot say that it is the 'minimalistic.

    It is true that I live within my means. I do not splash. I do not buy dress frequently and buy it only when I feel I need a new set of clothes. Most of my utility appliances are used as far they are functional and economically repairable. I live in a house of area less than that of the free houses constructed by govt and charity institutions. I do not own a vehicle. It was just a year ago when I bought a 32inch LED Tv , because my 26 year old 14 inch TV was beyond repair. I have not gone abroad. Though I had travelled by air a few times, I generally try to travel by sleeper class in train for long distance travel. Though generally we cook food at home, once in a while we dine in a hotel also. That also mostly during travel outstation. We also reuse, recycle or upcycle things as far possible and feasible.

    So though in the eyes of many I am a minimalist, I consider myself as a medium minimalist.

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    Mr. Venkiteshwaran,
    You have been leading a wonderful and simple lifestyle. I appreciate it. Some people even borrow expensive items just for the sake of exhibiting them to people. The mediumistic view of your way of living should set an example for many youth of today.

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