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    Fear is the biggest obstacle to success

    What will be making us hold back from reaching our goals. There may be many reasons. But a very common and biggest one is fear. Many of us may have fear of rejection, fear of loss,fear of pain, fear of failure etc. This fear is stopping us from even attempting some tasks. So we may be losing many chances of winning because of fear.

    All should try their best to conquer their fear. How to do it? One should know what is making them get feared. Talk about that fear to differet people and take positive points from such discussions. This may allow you to change your mindset. Sometimes we may have to take it as challenge on our own to over come the fear.

    There maybe many other ways to overcome this fear factor. Knowledgeable members can add their ideas.
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    Fear is an intrinsic characteristic of human beings. It could be of various types. Some of them are fear of not able to perform, fear of unknown, fear of seniors in workplace or elsewhere, fear of society, fear of family members and many more like that.
    All these fears are having one thing in common. They all are detrimental to our development and progress in life. In fact fear makes us weak and our decision-making power is greatly reduced. Fear also creates all types of apprehensions in our mind. It blocks our forward moving capability and interferes with our concentration and focus for moving ahead.
    How to avoid this fear in life is a difficult thing but with self control and discipline one can try to suppress it with positive thinking in one's life. Hard work and sustained efforts for achieving our goals is also said to be a time tested method to avoid fear in our lives.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Some situations create fear in the minds of people which becomes magnified all of a sudden. For example, the loss of a family member unexpectedly due to an accident or the sudden demise because of a heart attack might make some of the family members panic-stricken. People who are highly emotional take years to overcome the fear of death. There are various ways to come out of any kind of fear. Ultimately, it depends on the individual to control and defeat fear as early as possible.

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    Fear can definitely be a significant obstacle to success for many people. It can hold individuals back from taking risks and pursuing their goals, leading to missed opportunities and unfulfilled potential. However, it's not necessarily the "biggest" obstacle to success as there can be many other factors that can impact a person's ability to succeed, such as lack of resources, poor planning, low self-esteem, and more.

    Moreover, fear can also have a positive impact, as it can act as a motivation to work harder and push oneself to overcome challenges. So, while fear can certainly be a barrier to success, it can also be a driving force that propels people towards their aspirations.

    “It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends."
    – Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Chapter 17

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    Fear might create deterioration of our work and so long as we are in the grip of fears, it will affect our performance. May be we are overstressed because of heavy criticism of our subordinates or an apprehension of non fulfilment of targets. The best way could to have dialogues with the subordinates and boss so that negativity could be tackled effectively.
    We should start our work with full confidence and all the elements connected with the jobs should be taken into account so that the chances of failures could be minimal.

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