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    Today's failure doesn't mean always failure in the future

    Many students appear in various competitive exams either for doing an advance course or applying for a job. Some students get selected in the said exams but many of them are not able to qualify. These students get discouraged and feel that they will not be able to get success in such competitive exams where there are so many students appearing and a tough competition existed.
    But the fact is that today's failure doesn't mean always failure in the future. I have seen many cases where a student didn't qualify in an ordinary examination but later with hard work and renewed efforts he qualified in some top competitive examination in our country.
    So there is no point in getting disheartened by any such failure because the life is a long journey and there is ample time to work hard and make efforts for competitive examinations or any examination for job in future.
    Are members aware of any such case where student had failed in one ordinary exam but later qualified in a much coveted one? Please share.
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    A well known fact and discussed many times in almost all platforms. One need not get discouraged with one failure. One failure is not the end of the road. There may be some failures. We should not go on worrying about those failures. We should see the reasons for failures. We should identify the reasons and causes for our failure. If we understand the reasons, we should correct them correctly and then retry again. Even many competitive examinations will give a candidate multiple chances to attend the tests. So we should know our weak points and work on those points and we should become strong in those areas also. That will make our chances to get success increased.
    If we get dejected with a failure and stop working further our progress will get hampered. Here the role of elders is also very important. They should be with their juniors and see that they will not get lost in that sorrowful mood. They should encourage and see that the youth will improve their knowledge base and do good in the other examinations well.

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    Rightly said by the author, failure does not mean the end of the world. Even in the Bhagavad-gita, Lord Krishna has said - " If you become fail, does not mean you have not given your 100%". Even to stop the Mahabharata war, lord Krishna did everything but he failed to do so.

    Now coming to the students who are preparing for the tough competition exams, they know very well that it needs a lot of hard work and they may or may not pass out from the first chance. So, they are all well prepared for it. Those who are focused on this, they will never get down by the result until they get success.

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