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    World Radio day,today

    Today,13 February world radio day. Before forty years the radio occupied a major place in many houses. Many hands are holding pocket size radios similar to the present mobile phones. Carnatic music lovers, cricket lovers are moving, sitting, walking and lying in bed with transistors. In tea shops, hotels,saloons radio dominated main place
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    I would say that there was a radio era during which people enjoyed that gadget in a variety of ways listening to a large number of radio stations located across the globe in different countries transmitting radio signals covering various topics and subjects. Many people listened to music and news on the radio while many others enjoyed other programs related to their interest areas.
    The radio era is almost over but still people are using it in their mobile or other gadgets as it comes as a free app accessory.
    Radio dominated the world entertainment industry for a long time and that imprint is still in our minds and we can't forget about the said usefulness of radio in our lives for such a long period.
    I was a child and when I first time encountered a radio set I was mesmerized, captivated, and impressed by its shear power and that impression is still present in my mind.
    Let us remember that power of radio today on the world radio day.

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    Radio used to occupy an important part in our lives. Hearing songs. Music and hearing movie dialogues etc were some of the activities we used to do with a radio. Commentary also very interesting we used to hear commentary when cricket matches were going on. Every house used to have at least one radio. But now there are no radios separately. It is in built in smart phones. While we are travelling the FM radio in our vehicle will be very much useful to hear songs.
    I hope many of us might have used a radio or transistor in 1990s. TVs replaced radios and we all started watching matches instead of just hearing commentary. Yesterday was world radio day. I wish all the members might have remembered their experience with radios and transistors earlier.

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    I remember having had a radio which was placed in the living room and every member was given a chance to listen to the program of their choice for some time. My father used to follow the news and my brother cricket matches, My sisters and I would listen to film songs. I still remember the popularity of Binaca Geeth Mala and Ameen Sahani who hosted it with his magical voice.
    The memory of it still lingers in my mind even after a few decades. It has become modern now and has come back with so many added versions. But, for people like me those days were the best when we used to listen to our favourite flim songs and were looking forward eagerly for that particular time when the programe would be broadcasted.

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