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    Poor alert in case of diabetic patients

    Poor alert in case of diabetic patients

    We can see many struggling patients, when we are in a clinic not even hospital treating diabetes patients,with foot injury, bandages in foot. It is very pity to see that though they are suffering personally, mentally hurting others.

    Mainly they are
    *not controlling their tongue.
    *not adhering strict walking.
    *not careful in health especially in foot care.
    * hearing many and following suggestions over their doctor.
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    I do not know what the author wants to talk about in this thread. Is he criticising the affected person or abusing them just because they are in a such bad condition? And above all how does the author know that the said patient is not following the proper diet, or not controlling their tongue? Has he lived with that patient?

    It is really not good to pin-point such people and made them feel more pain by passing out such remarks. It is those who are in a such painful situation, who know what they are going through.

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    How diabetic patients who are getting treated in hospitals are making others struggle? I am not able to understand. To some extent, the family members of a diabetic patient, who is not having control over his/ her eating habits, may struggle. But not others.
    The problem for diabetic patients is that any injury will not get cured fast. It will take time and people should take all precautions. There are many sugar patients who follow strictly all the precautions and never ignore the suggestions of the doctor. We should take pity on them and we can't talk about such patients in a different way.
    My father is diabetic. He is very careful. He is having full control over his food habits and he never tastes sweets.
    He is very particular about his medication and never forgets to take his medicines.
    People will be different and all will not be having same habits.

    always confident

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    The post requires some more clarification as it is not clear as what the author wants to talk about. I will request the author to elaborate a little further on the subject so that we could make an appropriate response.
    Knowledge is power.

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    The worry in the minds of other persons in the house where a diabetic patient lives are not a normal one, by seeing the suffering.

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