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    Internet is having massive opportunities but are we availing them?

    Internet has opened up immense opportunities for people to seek variety of information, visiting social media, work online, pass time in surfing, contribute in sites of interest, data mining for research work, and many other activities. It has become an ocean of knowledge and a depository of every information possible on earth.
    The beauty of internet is that everything is available in it but the unfortunate part is that people should have time or should be able to spare time to use it in that fashion.
    There is so much to do in internet that sky is the only limit but the problem is how to get so much time out of our already tight schedule in our lives.
    Do you feel this messiveness of internet? Did you also feel that you are not able to use it as much as you desired or wished?
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    The Internet is helping us in getting the available information within no time to us. That is useful for us to understand the latest position on the issue. When the internet was not there, getting information was a very difficult task. People used to spend days together in the library reading and searching books, papers and journals for related information. Today we need not move a foot even and information will be there before you.
    I think the majority of people are exploring the internet for their benefit. During the COVID pandemic, only the internet saved us and kept us in contact with this world. As mentioned by the author, there may be many other ways and means to use the internet. Some people waste their time using the internet and doing unwanted deeds. Anyhow the world is changed after the evolution of the internet. Life has become simple for people with the advent of the world wide web.

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    One thing that I want to add here is that though internet is an ocean of knowledge but there are some fake sites and some other sites which contain very low quality material and we should be careful and avoid them while taking out data and information for our use.
    Knowledge is power.

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