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    The tourism industry needs more professionals

    I had been to the so-called Char Dhams. Everything was so beautiful. However, one could hardly find anyone who was around to explain the historical importance of any place. There were some Hindi-speaking touts who acted as if they knew everything, but later turned out to be highly unreliable guys. The locals warned us to not even believe them in any way.

    Cut to Madurai. A relative of mine who knows much about the place, including details of each of the temples showed around each place to a family of one of his close friends from Indore. Since my relative also knows very good Hindi, it was easy for him to explain everything to those who did not understand English very well. The tourists were really happy with whatever they saw. Yet, my friend did mention that there were hardly any good guides around.

    We do have so many courses with History as the major subject. It is obvious that each State would teach the history of important temples of each State. Why not convert the courses in History as History with a major specialization in Tourism, rope in the State Tourism Development Corporation, and allow these graduates to compulsorily undergo their internship in good tourist spots and in the various organized tourist agencies?

    This is an urgent requirement and needs to be taken up as a priority. We have so many courses but without any creativity or innovation. This should change totally.
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    During my visit to Chardham also we have not entertained any guide there. We used to go on our own. We purchased some books that are explaining the history of those places and read them. Even in South India we have visited many places and we have seen some guides in these places. But we never entertained them here also. In South India also some books are available near those places and we used to read them.
    Anyhow the suggestion of the author appears to be good. He can use his influence in Tamil Nadu and try whether state government may do something what he has suggested. That will become an avenue for the history students also to get some jobs.
    Government can appoint some guides on their roles and they can be attached to tourists who wants to use them by collecting some fee. That will be a source of income to governments and some jobs can also be created. If one state starts doing the other south States may also follow the same. We can use our connections in some universities and ask them to include this also in their curriculum.

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    If a good guide is available in the tourist place then it is definitely a great help to the visitors and tourists also enjoy the trip because they know the details of each and everything that they had seen and thus enjoyed their trip to the fullest.
    My observation in this regard is that the earnings of the guides is not much and few people make a career in this line. So either the Govt has to bear their salaries or tourists share it.
    If qualified people come in this career segment then definitely the quality of guides would improve and tourists would be satisfied by their good service.

    Knowledge is power.

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