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    Introduce your favorite personality and let others guess- Identify the idol contest- Winners!

    We are now announcing the results of the recently concluded Introduce your favorite personality and let others guess contest. We had ten good write-ups and as many as ten members guessing the correct personalities. The participation is overall, I must say, satisfactory though we expected more members to post their guesses.

    The challenge was to make the guessing process tough and the winners are-

    The best write-up is undoubtedly, the one by Vandana.

    The second best entry is the one by Partha. K.

    We have decided to give a consolation prize to Dr N.V. Srinivasa Rao

    All the other participants will be suitably rewarded.

    Now the correct answers are-
    1. Partha .K – Sunil Gavaskar
    2. Umesh- Madan Mohan Malviya
    3. Dr N.V. Srinivasa Rao- Ghantasala Venkiteswara Rao
    4. Bhavani- Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
    5. Vandana- Flt Lt Sreevidya Rajan
    6. Sheo Shankar Jha- Dr Shyamalal Chatterjee
    7. Niharikha- Hema Malini
    8.Dr Sanchita Ranjan- Swami Vivekananda
    9. Varghese- Jimmy George
    10. Shampa Sadhya- Sudha Murthy

    Members and the number of correct guesses-

    a) Bhavani- 04

    b) Shampa Sadhya-0 7

    c) Partha- 07

    d) Dhruv- 08

    e) Jeets- 07

    f) Dr Rao- 06

    g) Vandana- 09

    h) Varghese- 04

    i) Vimal Dev- 01

    j) Svcetss -01 (I have given a part of his email ID here since I failed to guess the member)

    {In this connection, members are requested to please give their names also while participating in such contests because it may not be possible for the editors to guess your names from the email IDs}

    The author of the best write-up will receive a cash reward of Rs 75/-. The second best write-up will win Rs 50/- and the consolation prize winner will receive Rs 25/-

    The guessing participants will receive 05 points each for their correct guesses and the one with the highest number of correct guesses will receive Rs 40/- as cash reward. So the winner of the guessing game is once again Vandana by getting all the answers correct.

    Friends, please join me congratulate the winners and to register a word of appreciation to all the participants. Hope you all enjoyed participating or following this contest. Thanks to Partha. K once again for the idea.
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    Congratulations to all the winners for guessing write-up. I really find it hard to guess the write-up of Vandana, Shampa Sadhya and Dr. Rao. I answered only 8 and got 7 correct guesses. However, It was a very nice contest, once again congratulations to all the participants and winners.

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    Congratulations to all the winners for their guessing writing up. Overall the contest was nice where the authors have come up with the unique representations in their write ups and have been declared as winners. Again my congratulations to Vandana Madam, Partha K and Dr, N.V. Srinivasa Rao for their contributions.

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    1. I congratulate all the participants of this contest. All the participants have done their best and only because of the participants, the contest became interesting. Special thanks to the winners.

    2. I expected that there would be around fifteen write-ups for the contest, but there were only ten. Some write-ups were really tough, and some were really easy. I tried to take a middle path.

    3. Idea of another two contests has germinated in my mind. I would share these ideas with the ISC administration later for their consideration.

    4. Now, let me enjoy my Rs. 50/ (the prize-money). I have taken out a Rs. 50/- note from my purse, and am trying to get a feel of it.

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    This was a very interesting contest. In my view creating a write up about a prominent person may not be a very difficult thing and one having some writing experience could do it. But the real challenge was to guess their names.
    I congratulate to all the winners of this contest especially those who could guess the highest number of correct names.

    Knowledge is power.

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    My sincere thanks to Partha for his suggestion for such a contest. Then thanks to ISC for considering his request and conducting a contest in similar lines. One of the important aspects of ISC is that any good suggestion from members will always be taken into account.
    I thank ISC for considering my write up for a consolation prize. I could guess six personalities correctly. The other three guesses are really wild guesses and I know they may go wrong. As expected my six answers only are correct.
    I congratulate the other two winners in this contest. It is good to note that Vandana won double awards in this contest. I wish and hope that all the winners will continue their good work and win many more prizes in the coming days.
    I thank all the members who conveyed their best wishes to me for winning consolation prize in this contest.

    always confident

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    Delighted and happy to get a double win. Thank you, Partha, once again for this wonderful concept. Perhaps we can schedule one again next month and we could think of narrowing it down to specific fields, like sports, medicine, science, etc, giving 3-4 such options.

    It was mentioned not to give direct clues, so next time participants could keep that in mind.

    My thought processes in guessing-
    When I started reading Partha's writeup, I initially was thinking about hockey players, but when I came to the part about the V-shaped white pullover, I realized it would be cricket. That was a good indirect clue.

    In the case of Dr. Rao, I was not at all clear about who it could be, and when I tried to initially find it through Google with the UNO clue, I could not right away locate him, but then remembered that Dr. Rao is based in Hyderabad, so added 'Telegu' to the keyword search, and got the name.

    Bhavani's was very well-written, but, again, not too tough to guess by reading it again.

    I was surprised that I could not guess the personality in Shampa's writeup, and here, to be honest, I cheated by asking my sister! I could not believe that I had missed out on the specific clue of books (I was just focusing on the techie-spouse, literature fame). Really dumb of me, I must say.

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    I congratulate all the winners of the contest, especially Vandana's favorite personality. I was much dumbfounded guessing the celebrity. The same would be Partha's. I thought of the celebrity from cricket combined with hockey and he might be Dhoni as he is a good hockey player too, but my guess went wrong and as well of Dr. Rao's favorite singer. Anyway, the contest was a real entertainer. It is interesting to have such contests that make the ISC forum lively. Awaiting more such unique contests.

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    My congratulations to all the winners and special thanks to Partha for conceptualizing the contest. Some of the personalities were quite difficult to guess but as a whole, the contest was really interesting. I hope the idea of Partha for another two contests will be equally exciting.

    My best wishes to all the participants and I hope there will be more participants the next time.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    The cash rewards and points to the winners have been credited.
    The points to the guessing members, except for the last participant whose identity is yet to be revealed, have also been added to their profile.
    The other write-ups have also been suitably rewarded.

    'Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all'.

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    So far as my write-up is concerned, this is a well-known incident involving Madhav Mantri (a former Test-cricketer and maternal uncle of Gavaskar). Gavaskar himself wrote about this incident in his first autobiography "Sunny Days".
    I found the write-up of Vandana Madam most difficult and could not find any clue. But, while trying to find the name, I read about the life and struggle of at least 15 lady-soldiers (including Flt Lieutenant Sreevidya Rajan). Their struggle, mental toughness and fighting ability are astounding. As for example, I have read about Shanti Tigga, the first woman jawan of Indian Army.. Planning to write about her.
    I was also wrong to identify the idol of Dr. Rao Sir. I never heard about Ghantasala Venkiteswara Rao, the great singer.
    The write-up of Jha Sir also created some confusion. I was confusing Dr. Shyamal Chaterjee, the five-rupee doctor from Kolkata, with Dr. Sushovan Banerjee, the one-rupee doctor from Bolpur, who had received Padmashri last year and departed very recently.

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    Sankalan Sir (#769724): I will submit outlines of another two contests for consideration of ISC management after a few days.
    (a) Those who have forgotten Noakhali, how can they protest Sandeshkhali?
    (b) Have no fear of perfection - you'll never reach it. ---------- Salvador Dali

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    Overall, it was an interesting phase where the authors came up with the nice representation of the characters and I liked all excluding my write up. Both the contributions from Partha Sir and Vandana Madam were superb.
    Though I participated in the guessing of the characters of the different write ups but unfortunately, it could not be received due to the address issue of email. I was expecting 7 guess to be correct. I could not guess the character of the hero with which Partha Sir was referring to but rest were indicated.

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