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    What precautions should the man take during his visit to Vadodara?

    Almost all of us are aware that when we visit a hilly area from plain land during vacation or for any other purposes, we need to take adequate precautions. We know that we have to take adequate woolen clothes and caps, consume hot water, and carry medicines for headaches, coughs & colds, etc. Even in some cases, we visit the physicians for guidance and follow the guidance scrupulously during our stay in hilly areas. We get good guidance in this regard from travel literature also.

    But, my problem is just the opposite. A known person of mine is residing at a place where snowfall is still continuing. He is going to visit Vadodara where the temperature has already touched 40 degrees Celsius. What advice should I give to that person during his stay in Vadodara? What precautions should he take? He is visiting from an extremely cold place to a place where the summer has already arrived. Why don't we get guidance in such circumstances from the travel literature?

    Members of ISC! Kindly advise what precautions should be taken in this case.
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    A good point raised by the author. I have lived in both types of places and I understand the pains that one undergoes while moving from one to other.
    I can suggest some measures in this regard. Your guest should bring light cotton clothes and some light cotton cap (for protection from direct Sun). If he does not take much water during the day then after coming here he will have to take sufficient water to keep himself hydrated to avoid any complication like exhaustion or heat stroke.
    He will also be required to take care not to go out in the daytime and complete his outings in the early morning or late in the evening.
    During summer generally ground floors are cooler than the upper floors. So if room is available in ground floor one should prefer it for living as a guest.
    Another thing is that coming from a cooler place he might not be habitual of taking bath in the evening also in addition to morning bath.

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    Nowadays we have the facility of knowing the weather of any place over our mobile or computer. With this we can check whether our going/visiting place have mist or cold weather and accordingly we can decide whether to take sweaters, mufflers etc.
    Once we went to Beas without studying the weather. After reaching in evening, we noticed a severe cold climate, my wife and her sister got affected more. On the next day myself and our co-brother went to Amritsar and bought sweaters, hand glows, socks etc., for them.
    We can avoid such things if we planned well as advised by author.

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    One very simple and important tip when staying in any place that is hot- stay hydrated, as Umesh mentioned, especially when stepping out. Even if going to a local market to buy something, always carry a bottle of drinking water and sip some in between your shopping.

    I have been to Vadodara and other cities in Gujarat and have thoroughly enjoyed every trip. Other than the most obvious, namely, wearing light, cotton clothes, as already mentioned, I would like to share a few tips.

    I always opened an umbrella even though wearing a hat, as I tend to get a headache if walking around in the sun, and have found the double protection extremely beneficial as it helps me to enjoy without feeling the heat. Some men find it awkward and perhaps not 'macho' to use an umbrella in summer, but, really, it does prevent heat stroke and giddiness. Secondly, sunglasses are a must. With tree covers giving way to infrastructure, you need to protect your eyes against harsh sun rays. Thirdly, while in Gujarat it is very difficult to avoid food that has a lot of oil, one can be sensible and not eat too heavy meals, like gorging on their delicious thalis, when eating out. This is especially advised if your acquaintance is somebody whose digestive system protests at too much overload! So he can look for places serving simple dal-tadka-rice and a dry sabzi like bhindi or aloo-jeera and request them to put less oil when cooking it. I also found it very cooling to end a meal with a bowl of curds or ice cream. As advised by my physician I avoid outside lassi, chaas, and milkshakes as it disagrees with me. The doctor also advised that it is best to eat fresh fruits and not fruit juice since there is the possibility of the juice being made in advance and stored in the fridge for goodness knows how many hours. I also avoid chutney when eating out, for the same reason, because, if the coconut base is not fresh, it creates problems for me. Anything steamed is a no-brainer for me as it is healthy, and something like idli-sambhar or dosa-sambhar is a good choice for a light meal at any time of the day.

    Good beverages that he can have is coconut water if available locally, and simple nimbu-paani which he should make at home. If he is going to be touring for work and will be outdoors for many hours, he can carry freshly cut fruit as well. That is what I did when I visited Daman while staying in Vapi. Fruits like musk melon and rose apples (pink or white also) are so refreshing on a hot day!

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    Very correct. Umbrella is a very useful item. It is multipurpose and can protect us from scorching Sun also. I myself have used it many times when I had to go out for some work in the city in nearby places where the market is congested and going by scooter or car is not a feasible option.
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    If people who usually stay in cold places are exposed to heat, they will get some skin allergy due to Sunlight and heat. Anyway, if we take proper precautions we may overcome those problems. Let your friend use full hand shirts. Shirts should be cotton dresses preferably white or light colours only. Let him use cooling glasses when he is going out and a hat on the head. Let him not go for very tight clothes.
    As mentioned by Vandana, let him use an umbrella when he goes out. Let him drink water as much as possible so that the problem of dehydration will not be there. He can take tender coconut water when he is travelling in the afternoons. Anyhow these days people will use AC taxis only for movement, there may not be much problem.
    I was in Vadodara for ten days but basically as I am from Hyderabad, I have not found much difference. Only people from cold places may feel the difference.

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    A person who lives in India should take every weather on his body no matter whether it is hot, extremely hot or cold condition. Simply making your body so sensitive that can not protect itself is really no use. My words may look harsh to many but this is the fact that the way you mould your body, it behaves that way.

    Coming to the answer for this thread, such a person who is very sensitive to taking the heat on his body, at first should not visit the such a place in extreme heat. If at all he has to visit, he should travel in an AC car, go to the Ac mall or restaurant, venture should be less in hot sun because his body would not take it. Obvioulsy to carry water bottle and keep consuming it. Using hat if not umbrella, wearing white cotton cloth is must instead of colourful dress.

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