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    Physical pain can be bearable but what about emotional pain?

    If we have an illness or any pain that is physical, we can bear it. With time and medicine, we can overcome such pain. However, emotional pain is not so easy to deal with, that too when it comes from someone so close whom you trust more than yourself. It keeps haunting you no matter how hard you take to forget it, especially when you do not know what your fault is.

    How to deal with such emotional pain?
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    This is a very interesting post raised by the author. Whether it is physical pain or emotional pain both affect us in their own ways. Out of these two adverse situations, I feel that it is difficult to handle the emotional pain as compared to the physical pain. Emotional pain is related to our mind set, our mental condition, and our mental capability to tackle with the adverse situations in our lives. It is said that some people are practical and not so emotional while there are many who are very sensitive any emotional. The people belonging to the first category generally fight against their emotions and sentiments and come out of it quickly. But the people belonging to second category find it difficult to contain and control their emotions and keep a sad and dull mood for quite some considerable time. Their output and productivity is affected during that phase and sometimes it adversely impact their career and other things in life.
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    The author has raised a very interesting post regarding physical and mental pain. We all come across sometimes with the physical pain as a result of sudden burn or falling somewhere. The pain felt under such conditions are really painful and could last for hours or even a few days and finally it subsides.
    But let us think of the harsh words of our own relatives which really becomes unbearable and their words make us emotional to the extent we cannot enjoy our normal sleep. It is really difficult to come out from such a phase. Depending upon the severity of case, it may last for ever despite our best efforts to get rid of the same.

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    It is very difficult to come out of such emotional pains quickly. That pain will not leave us easily and there is no medicine to get it cured. When we believe somebody we will get attached to them. When we know that they ditched us really it will become very difficult for people to come out of such emotion and pain.
    To overcome such pain we should have a lot of mental stability and we should be able to divert our mind from that incident. Such incidents may make us even physically unfit also sometimes. When such things happens, first of all we should console ourselves and believe that whatever happened is happened for our betterment and well being only. We should divert our mind from those thoughts. We should take up a difficult task so that we will be fully occupied in that task so that we will forget what happened and slowly get relieved from the mental agony. Keeping our mind on other things will make us to forget the issue and we may get relieved from th pain,

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    The author is very true in expressing his views related to the emotional pain that leaves an imprint in the mind of a person who has been deeply hurt unexpectedly by somebody who was blindly believed to be trustworthy. Many people who suffer from chronic diseases lead a happy life with the help of medicines but when the mind is diseased, it becomes very tough to control it. However, those who are hard nuts to crack do not give much importance to such a person, just ignore their action and move on in life.
    One should not become a slave of the mind but try to rule it. For emotional fools, it becomes very tough to come out of the situation of being hurt by someone quite unexpectedly.
    Controlling the mind is an art and it should be practiced by people who are sensitive and indulge in overthinking.

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    Physical pain also are unbearable many times. But as there are pain killer medicines available many physical pains are made bearable. Moreover by suffering repeated physical pains and injuries our tolerance level also increases in due course. Body also gets accustomed to it.

    In the case of emotional pain also situations are more or les same. We have overcome in due course many such pains. Now we can even philosophise on them. The basic difference is that there are no such convenient and comforting pain killers for emotional pain. Here also there are some interventions available like stress busters, relaxants etc.

    While we are learning from formal education or from other sources something about our physical anatomy, it is a sad truth that we do not know anything about our emotional(psychic) anatomy. It is still almost a dark area. That is why we could not find suitable pain killers for emotional pains.

    It is here that human race has evolved some checks and balances like family, friends, society, community etc. The above added with common festivals, family events etc. are all cushions or shock absorbers for reducing emotional shocks or early healing of emotional pains.

    Our ancient Rishis and Acharyas have given us so much such emotional balancers and stress busters like Yoga, meditation, prayers, collective bhajans, Satsang, festival singing, dancing, charity etc. etc. They have given us a lot of literature and text to know about our minds by' inward vision'. (antar drishti).

    I would end with a joke heard. One person went to an astrologer for predicting his times. The astrologer said "You will be having very bad time for next three years." The man asked" after three years?" The astrologer replied" By then you will get accustomed to it and will not mind about it".
    Time is the healer of most wounds- physical or emotional.

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    Emotions have been part and parcel of the human mindset. We may come out of our physical pains quite easily, but it is harder to overcome the emotional pain or breakdown when it is triggered by someone close to us, a friend, or a family member whom we consider of high regard. This has been due to emotional imbalance. If we practice the feeling of being Zen whatever the worst situation, we have come across we will overcome this imbalance. In fact, detachment from attachment works out very well too. This mindset always keeps a person psychologically strong. We cannot put a full stop to any difficult situations that may occur, but we can do how we would be diverted from that not to bother.

    If you feel emotionally upset you just make your mind calm and get out of that place, divert to something else like watching your favorite movie, listening to music, or reading a good book you love. Yoga is a great healer of emotional pain just to make you less emotional and improve your logical thinking to handle the situation well balanced.

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    Thiruvalluvar in his 129th Kural of Thirukkural, "Theeyinal sutta punn ullaarum, aaraathe naavinaal sutta vadu' which means the injury sustained from fire would get cured but the injury by words never get cured. Here Thiruvalluver emphasized the controlling of tongue always as one cannot get back the words spilled out or he cannot console the other person suffered from his words on any type of excuse. The pain sustained by words, though it is said to forget or forgive, never got solved in any person till his/her life time.

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