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    Do Bollywood celebrities have any responsibility towards their fan?

    Once Sachin Tendulkar was offered to act in advertisements for an alcohol company where he was to get paid a handsome amount. However, he rejected the offer and said that he can't do that because there are many youths who followed him and he does not want to become a bad idol for them. I wish, this little but important thought comes to our Bollywood celebrities' minds whom thousands of people especially the youth follow.

    Just name it, from Amitabh to Akshay, Ajay and Shahrukh all are doing gutkha company ads. True, the ads don't mention Gutkha but "Pan Masala" but everyone knows what these ads are all about.

    It's not about earning money but these celebrities do have some responsibilities towards the nation and youth. They must think twice before they sign for starring in any such ads.
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    Excellent. That is very true. When there many followers the celebrity should not teach them bad habits. That way we should appreciate Sachin Tendulkar who rejected a lucrative offer for promoting alcoholic drinks. As mentioned by the author many actors may not refuse such offers I feel. In Tollywood so far no hero is coming for promoting such unhealthy products. Probably they are not being offered a chance by the companies. If they follow some ethics, they may not accept such offers.
    Rahul Dravid a great cricket player and the present Indian head coach is another person who is having some values and ethics. He acted in an advertisement where he advise people not to go for smoking and not to eat gutka. I heard that he did this free of cost and this particular add gives awareness to the people about the adverse effects of smoking and eating gutka etc.
    These days gutka consumption has become very high especially in youth which will have an adverse effect of their health.

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    Celebrities are important persons in our society. Not only their fans follow them but many others look to them in praise and appreciation. In such a situation if they advocate a product or service which is harmful to younger generation and is not a good product or service from other angles also then it would definitely be in bad taste and indicate that they are only bothered to make money by sponsoring advertisements and are not concerned for the social ethics.
    Celebrities must ponder over these business offers before accepting them.

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    Now shall we call them celebrities when they behave in such a fashion? Yes, they are stars in their domains because of their success and for them, they may be called celebrities but such acts of promoting harmful products cannot benefit society in any way. On the one hand, they act in films where they destroy evils and become heroes in the eyes of the public and on the other, they are promoting something that comes with warnings on the label. Such products, I am sure, have warnings on their labels indicating their harmful effects on health and when it is promoted by the heroes at least they are not promoting healthy lifestyles in any way. We can celebrate their acts in films but in real life, those who indulge in promoting unhealthy products cannot be regarded as celebrities in the true sense.

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