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    The seller should know the needs of the customer

    The success of any business will depend on customer satisfaction. A customer will have his own requirements and if the seller can satisfy his needs, the product will move fast in the market. The key to success is customer delight.

    The product designer and the product maker should keep the implied needs of the customer while designing the product and while manufacturing the same in his mind. If a little more is added to the implied needs the customer will definitely get delighted. If sellers design and make as per their own imagination and if it is not accepted by the customers, blaming the customers is of no use. The business will not flourish and the seller will be at a loss.

    So a business person should know the pulse of his customer for success in his business. I hope all the members of ISC will be in agreement with me.
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    What the author has emphasised is very correct and the product maker must be familiar with the psychology of the consumers so as to be successful in the market. Keeping this thing in mind that the customers are the ultimate kings and they must be honoured with the correct products for their end use.
    To know the pulse of the people, feed back of the customers will help them to keep them satisfied. The other part is the cost angle and the producers must adhere to this norm that the product price must be pocket friendly to the customers.

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    Customer is the most important part of the business process. If a company can deliver what a customer wants in a reasonable price then the product of the company can stand in the market for a long time. That is the reason why so many companies and business houses put emphasis on marketing and matters related to customer interest.
    It is also to be noted that because of the technological advancements and shifting of customer interest from one product to another similar one, the companies have to be dynamically alert and change or modify their product as per the changing need of the customer. This is a big challenge in today's business scenario because companies have to do it quickly and in a faster mode so that the other companies cannot to it before them. These are the things which have made the field of business a tough and competitive arena to make a profit and survive.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Yes, because the product will be used by the customers only. If there are fewer customers for any product then the business of the maker of that product will suffer and they need to modify their products according to the requirement of the customers. The same thing applies to stockists of various products. According to the locality and economic condition of the people there, the stockist has to maintain the stocks. If the cost of the product is too high which the people of that locality cannot afford then it will be of little use. Any business has to keep in mind the requirement of the end customer and then manufacture/stock products accordingly. If the requirement of the user is not fulfilled then products will not be sold and for that, the requirement of the end-user must be known after properly studying their needs. Every successful business focuses on market studies and customer feedback which is always essential for further progress.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    The author is right. Presently many sellers are knowing the needs of customer well. I used to put garland of betel leaves to Lord Hanuman. When I was in my aunt's house at the outskirts of Chennai, used to make the garland with the betel leaves from the creeper in our house itself. After some months, I returned to my house in the city and to continue I bought some betel leaves from shop after making garland, went to the nearest temple. To my surprise the flower vendor at the entrance of the temple having betel leaves garland as readymade one.
    Similarly sellers know the forthcoming festivals rather than the persons celebrating.

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