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    Reading is a useful habit which never gets a full stop once it is cultivated.

    Different types of people read for various reasons. It has been a passion among people of all ages. When someone cultivates the habit of reading, it stays with him forever. I remember during my college days one of my lecturers had told us that 'habits never die' When you take out 'h' from the word habit, a bit remains, when the letter 'a'is taken out 'bit' remains and finally when 'b' is taken off 'it' remains. Therefore, when we form the habit of reading something, we always crave reading something so much that even a leaflet containing some information would make us curious to know the content.

    In olden times, parents used to buy 'Chandamama' and other storybooks containing moral values. When children would read such books, they would become honest and truthful and never indulge in wrongdoings. I still remember some stories from "Akbar and Birbal" storybook that I had read when I was ten years old. Those stories were full of wit and wisdom.

    Nowadays, some people are trying to inculcate reading habits back in children who are only interested in watching cartoons on television or the internet. How can we make the children read storybooks instead of using digital media? To make this possible, Storytelling sessions are being organized and read out loudly exclusively for children in some big cities. Some parents are making their children attend such interesting programs and buy story books for them.

    Teenagers show interest in reading books which help them to develop their General knowledge.
    To win some money by participating in the popular television program 'Kaun Banega Crorepati'
    hosted by Amitabh Bachchan, those who want to participate buy books related to General knowledge and the latest news. They read them thoroughly, and come prepared for the show. The show encourages right from school children to old people to take part and win money as prizes.

    Housewives also learn from different kinds of books which help them to learn cooking, sewing, painting, and many other fields they are interested in learning. However, many of them prefer watching videos rather than reading books. Even the newspapers are losing their popularity because news channels on television frequently telecast news and some are available even 24/7.

    Many popular bookshops and libraries no longer exist in big cities. This is because of two main reasons. The first reason is the material that individuals want to go through is easily accessible on the internet. Valuable information is available free of cost also. The second reason is that people are very busy and do not want to waste their time in traveling to libraries and bookshops.

    Despite all the odds, some old people still love reading the newspapers and even a few youngsters buy novels and other interesting books of their liking. Some parents even encourage their children to read books instead of watching programs on the internet.

    To conclude, we should feel happy that at least the reading habit still exists even after digital media has snatched away the popularity of print media. What does the future hold for book lovers who continue buying books, read them with interest, and cherish the memories? or due to some issues related to the environment books would no longer be printed in a large quantity?
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    Digital media is helping us in reading more and because of this digital media, only our reading habit is increasing. In earlier days if we want to read a book, we have to search for a physical copy of the book in a library or with a friend or relative and get it for some time to read it and give it back after completing the reading. If we really like a book we may buy and keep it with us. But digital media made our lives easy. You can sit before your computer and search for the book you wanted and get a digital copy of the same and you can read it on your computer or laptop or digital book.
    There is no alternative to reading. You may hear when somebody is reading but the understanding will be much better when you read the same on your own. Because of typing people may forget writing but they can't forget reading. To know what is happening around they should read the newspaper either a physical copy or a digital copy. So one should continue the habit of reading throughout his life to get updated with the latest developments across the globe.

    always confident

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    Books are the treasure house of authentic knowledge. Today internet sites are trying to replace the books as people are getting the information directly in the digital media but books are still surviving to a good extent.
    The credit to our reading habits goes to the books and magazines that we went through when we were in school. That time there was no internet or no digital media and options were limited. Everyone even did not have money to buy books at that time and most of us were dependent on the libraries either government libraries which offered book reading free or the lending libraries which charged some nominal amount.
    The reading habit which was developed during that time is still inside us and though today we are more inclined to the digital media but still whenever required we use the available books for getting the authentic knowledge.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Though a lot of informations are available in the internet and for the immediate clarity, we take the help of internet in the present times. This pattern of seeking clarification through the internet has picked up momentum of late. However, such trends were not seen in our childhood days and we were advised by our teachers to go through the text books thoroughly to sort out our confusions. Even some of our colleagues did not have enough money to purchase the entire set of books and they relied upon the libraries to get the books periodically for their studies. Thus the importance of the books did not affect its popularity until internet discovered. But still the students rely upon the texts books for enriching their knowledge.

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    I was also a vast and wide reader till a few decades ago. My conventional sense reading has almost become nil after my time was conquered by my new generation permanent family members and companions- viz. the desktop and smartphone.
    My reading at present is just superficial and stays within the realms one newspaper and occasionally one or two print magazines. In fact more f it happens in reading the forum posts and articles in ISC.

    The author's thread minds me of some of the magazines and books I used to 'eat and drink' during my kid days . I had written in some early forum discussions that I was very much fond of Enid Blyton books in my school days. Seeing my interest in reading, my teachers used to give me free access to school library. In my high school days I took membership in the local Municipal library and was a regular visitor to the library and reading room.

    After getting job I used to spend some money for buying books and periodicals. In Mumbai and Chennai I was able to buy second hand books at very affordable price and could buy books of famous authors and in various subjects and categories. My reading habit helped a lot in my life in many ways.

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