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    How many of you bring back the umbrella taken outside

    The item which is normally we forget to bring back from outside is umbrella. In States other than Kerala, many people take umbrella only on rainy times In Kerala many people normally hold the umbrella always whenever they go outside but seems no absence in them.
    In my case it is happening every year I am losing an umbrella in rainy season. Very particularly I took umbrella out whenever I go out in every rainy season but forget umbrella in somewhere as on the time of returning. Other than rainy seasons, I do not take umbrella though there is hot sun.
    But my wife used to have her umbrella always on going outside and never forget to get back.
    Last week, I was taking an umbrella as I saw some clouds and expecting rainfall on anytime. On the way of returning I received a call from my brother to get some cash from ATM. At the ATM I sincerely kept the umbrella on the ATM machine and return home with money only.
    After coming home only I realized my lost umbrella.
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    Anything which we take with us outside occasionally has more chances of disappearing as we forget it at some place and come back home without it. Many people must have experienced this problem and I am one among them. To solve this problem I started taking a bag with me in which I kept my drinking water and umbrella along with all other documents or papers that I usually took for some work outside in bank or some office. I kept a separate polythene bag for the umbrella so that if it is moist it does not spoil other things in the bag. That helped me a lot and I did not lose my umbrella after that. For some people it may look combersome to keep the umbrella in the bag and then take it like that but that is the only practical solution that I can share at this moment with others and they can also try it.
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    It is not very unusual to have lost the umbrella during our walking and this happens if we meet some friends by chance and go to nearby places to enjoy tea. Though we have had a very pleasant time with our friends but we lost the poor umbrella. In fact any item not used regularly might have the same fate.
    To counter such events, we need to have a bag containing essential items such as a bottle of water, umbrella in the wrapped conditions in a separate polythene apart from other items to be used during our trips. If the same is maintained on regular basis, there could be minimal chances of loosing our umbrellas.

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    Many people will do the same. I was also like that. I might have lost 3 or 4 umbrellas by forgetting somewhere outside. This happened when I was young. I never liked carrying an umbrella with me. But my father used to insist on me while going to school or college.
    After joining the career, I stopped carrying the same. At a later stage, my wife used to give an umbrella to my driver and he used to keep it in the car and it has become his responsibility to see that I will bring back my umbrella. Nowadays, I avoid going out when it is raining unless otherwise, it is very essential.
    My father used to carry an umbrella in his hand every day while he was going to the office and coming back. He is very particular about that and he never has the habit of forgetting the same outside. My sons keep raincoats on their two-wheelers and hence there is no necessity for an umbrella for them.

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    The author has stated "Kerala many people normally hold the umbrella always whenever they go outside but seems no absence in them.". I think this observation is now obsolete and needs updating. The habit of taking and holding umbrella during summer non-rainy season has almost vanished. Nowadays for reasons of convenience people do not use umbrella even during rains,. This is because a large section of people, use four wheelers or autorickshaws. Those riding two wheelers use rainwear. During mild rains many people dare to take risk by using a cap or kerchief over head.
    It is only the senor citizen or some odd people who go on foot that use umbrella. I use the two fold or three fold umbrellas and as far as possible do not open it , as it cannot withstand wind and heavy rain. So I just take shelter under bus stop or at a nearby shop etc. until the rain becomes weak. Using umbrella is waste when boarding and alighting from bus as we would be drenched anyway.

    Regarding losing umbrella, I am one of the privileged to lose them even when they are new. Please read my response post # 760284 in this thread.

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