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    What is the best remedy for curing mental illness?

    Nowadays many people suffer from severe depression for which there are various remedies. Experts recommend Yoga and meditation to slowly wean away from it.

    However, some people prefer consulting a Psychologist or a psychiatrist who suggests some therapy or prescribes some medicines to be taken for a longer duration. Some people warn against taking pills as they might have some side effects.

    I think family members and friends who are close to depressed individuals should give them moral support and help them to come out of their depression. Individuals who are depressed due to some problems should also talk openly to their close relatives and should not hide their sad feelings and try to cover them. Please share your thoughts.
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    Seeking a remedy is the best way to cure any mental illness. Every mental illness has to be handled very carefully. Study indicates that very few people seek the help of a professional when it comes to mental illnesses and this is one of the reasons for the increase in mental illnesses all over the world.

    Feeling depressed sometimes may not be considered a mental illness but if the depression is long-lasting and recurring then some sort of professional help is required. Yoga and meditation undoubtedly help to reduce depression but if the recurring depression turns into a mental illness then it may be tough for the person to meditate or practise yoga in the beginning. In such cases, it has to be identified whether it's a mental illness or not and then seek proper attention. Support from close family members and friends is essential but that has to be real support and not something superficial. In some cases, family members may not properly help just by giving moral support. They may think they are providing support but the person going through mental illness may need something more. Medicines have side effects and to avoid medicines one has to stay fit mentally and physically. To stay fit physical exercise, yoga and meditation can always help and for any illness, either one has to go to a person who has the cure for that specific illness or need to apply the remedies.


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    There are medicines for physical health problems. But there are no medicines to cure mental illness. There are medicines to suppress but not to eliminate. That is my feeling. If a person starts using medicines he has to use them for life long. The moment you stop the problem will get aggravated. My father is using them for the last 25 years and he can't stop even now. Only the dosage will vary. Definitely, there will be some side effects. If the person is engaged otherwise his depression will come down.
    Yoga and meditation will work positively and bring good developments in the patient. But others can't force him to do that. They have to practice them on their own with full confidence. Then only we will see good results. If others force them to do yoga or meditation, the results may not be that fruitful.

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    Mental illness is sometimes very challenging syndrome and even the best psychiatrist or doctors are unable to cure it using the traditional methods. Mental illness can be categorised in different categories. Some of them are due to some physiological problems in the body and they are the ones which can be cured using some modern allopathic medicines but the success rate of that is also not very high. Then there are other types of mental disorders which arise due to the mental weakness of a person which is of course related to the sensitivity and sentiments of a particular person. This type of disorders are said to be cured with the help of Yoga, meditation, and good life style. But how much effective and useful those methods are will vary from person to person.
    Experts also tell us that it is the will power and self control of an individual which helps more in these matters than the external help provided by the family, friends or doctors. Only problem is how an individual can be inspired and motivated in that way to get rid of such ailments.
    Many people believe that in such cases friends can do a lot of help by keeping the person engaged and giving him a good company. It is believed that the people having mental disorders of any type should never be left alone and should be given some good company where they are diverted to some constructive or positive activities in their lives.

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    Mental illness is the result of undue stress which might develop due to the environment where the subject is being harassed repeatedly for nothing or for minor mistakes. Such people are not in a position to analyse the entire situations and take remedial steps to curb such incidents.They even lack confidence within themselves to tackle the ongoing situations and as such they need to take up the prescribed medicines suggested by the specialists/ doctors. However, how long it will take to cure the ailments for the patients would depend upon several factors. Of course, healing process could be faster if the family members are supportive and listen to the patients carefully the points disturbing them. Solutions must come up from the members of the families to suit the patients. Of course, it might be herculean tasks for the family members but with a little tact and patience, the conditions of the patients could be reversed. If we could restore the confidence of the patients, the entire process of recovery would be faster.

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    On no occasion mind can be controlled and it will get swinged as anything. When we go to a place even by flight, by mentally we reach our destination before actually reach.
    If the thoughts become worry and if the same penetrate severely we reach to the state of mental illness. Spiritually or philosophically one can say however we have to control our mind by compromising as 'everything for good', but practically it is more difficult.
    For this only our elders paved a way of going to temples/Churches/Mosques etc on daily basis or weekly basis. If we keep regular practice of visiting of our holy places, then our mind will realise normalcy for certain hours and day by day mind will not mind to illness.
    Next meditation or yoga will highly help to make us not to reach mental illness. Meditation also needless to be very specific but sitting calmly for a specific time daily at regular same time is highly helpful.

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    Mental illness is a common problem in the present day. People often feel stressed and get depressed. As the author mentions Yoga and exercise are the best practice to cure mental illness. We should also consult a psychiatrist if necessary.

    But I want to point out one important thing. Mental illness does not suddenly emerge. Generally, it is a common problem for youngsters. We should observe our children and never pressurise them for their studies and other work. We should take the help of a counsellor for stream selection and any other problem we found in children.

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