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    I suggest to add a new section to provide notes

    As we know, Tony sir announced to make this site as a true academic site. Notes are very important for students in their academic journey. I suggest adding a new section as a notes to provide notes on different topics prescribed by NCERT, CBSE, ISCE or the state board.

    I know that there is a section article but in notes section we should provide complete notes to cover the syllabus for different levels.

    Respected members, please share your opinion.
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    Hakimuddin Kuwakhedawala,

    This is an innovative idea that I like because it could be a niche feature in the move toward an academic-oriented portal. Perhaps a section called 'Quick Exam Notes' can be launched, in which members can contribute one or two short paragraphs or up to 10 points in a list that would help students quickly refresh key aspects of a syllabus.

    I will forward this suggestion to the admin.

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    Thank you very much, Vandana Madam. I hope this would help the students a lot.
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    This is a very good idea and short notes on topics for various classes will definitely help them to refresh their subject during examinations. Many people may submit notes on subjects which are familiar to them and the knowledge that will help the students to update their knowledge. I hope the proposal will get approval and will be introduced shortly.
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    This is a good idea to create a section exclusively for notes.
    In ISC we have already a section 'Syllabus' and notes can even be put under that. To make that section more visible the name syllabus can be modified to 'syllabus/notes'. This option can also be considered if appears feasible.
    However option of creating a new section is always there.

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    This idea of notes is very good but what webmasters are thinking can be another point.

    Uploading notes requires huge hosting space and each note must be carefully edited or reviewed. The notes can be a part of copyrighting IPR. So, let us see what Tony sir, and the team is thinking about it.

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    Little did I know that Tony sir decided to declare this place as a complete educational site. Honestly, I haven't been active in ISC for a long time. Whatever it is, it's a great decision. I recently wrote an article about making money online, and it seems to have been dismissed, perhaps for that reason.

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    Purna Prasad Sharma,

    Good to know a member has returned. Since you have returned after a gap, please check out all the red-pinned threads at the top of the forum. It will keep you updated about the changes. It is also advisable to check the forum on a daily basis for important announcements and not just look out for forum threads to participate in.

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