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    Face reading is compulsory to identify the person

    Nowadays, it is very difficult to get a reliable person. Wherever you go either office or public place you can't believe on anybody easily. Before taking any steps, you need to check that people whatever he/she is telling whether correct or not. As you know, lier or cheater are everywhere. We should be beware before taking any steps. So, It is important for us to read the face. By reading face you can judge that person to some extent. Face reading is an art and I think everyone can' t do. But, if you more interact with people then definitely you will able to judge the people by reading face. Indeed, Face reading is good idea to save us from cheater/ liar.

    This is my entry for TOW contest.
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    Face reading is basically the comprehension of face expression. The way we perceive can be quite biased because as we know, appearance are deceptive. To identify a person in real, it's very important to stay with the person in order to know the in and out of the person. Many a times, there's a false notion that staying with a person is same as spending time with person. We stay with a person under the same roof but engrossed in our own activities will forbid us to know the person we are staying with completely. We need to spend random quality time and be emotional for a while. Expression can be misleading but emotions are rarely false untill and unless the person is a talented actor. Double faced people are in contact and the only way to identify them is by their body language. Body language is key technique to impress a person as well as to create our own personality.
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    This is really a gift to some persons. I went to one place in Chennai with my brother. After finishing our work we planned to have a coffee, so we searched for a coffee shop. An elderly person came to us and asked us what we are searching by seeing our faces. We got astonished by his question. On our query he suggested a good coffee shop on the next road.

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    It is possible to read the face of a person and not only from the face but from his gestures also we can make out a lot of things about him and as well as what was he pondering at that particular point of time. But these things work only when everything is going in a natural way. If the person is conscious that people are trying to read his face and gestures then he will become too alert and start behaving in a different way from which we would definitely draw some conclusions but that could be totally wrong about his personality and mind set as what he was thinking at that time.
    So reading the face and gestures of a person is alright but it may not work always.

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    If we spend some time with a person and observe him closely we may understand what type of person he is. But there are people who behave differently in different situations. We can't assess such people by reading their faces, I believe. There are some people who tell about us by reading our faces. But such people are very rare.
    As mentioned by Umesh, body language will also tell something to is about the person. Again people who want to deceive others may know acting also. So they act as if they are very innocent and the other people start thinking about him in a different way. That is why these days it is better not to discuss our personal matters with others who are new to us. It is always better not to tell important issues of our personal life to others. Information should be shared as required only. As a matter of fact, giving unwanted information to others will spoil our chances for betterment also. So be careful while dealing with unknown people and never get deceived by seeing their faces.

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