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    Sometimes people hide their educational qualifications!

    One of my schoolmates who was from a very poor family somehow managed to do his PG degree but as his marks were low he was not able to secure a job. Due to financial hardships he started doing some ordinary jobs like working in shops and working in petrol pump etc. Ultimately, he was able to get a teaching job in a private school and he settled in that job and was happy about it. Once I met him and he told me that when he tried to get a job in some big shop or petrol pump or like that then his qualification was becoming a problem because seeing that he was a postgraduate many shopkeepers avoided him thinking that he will soon leave the job and there was no point in giving a job for such a short time. So what he did was that he told everywhere that he was only intermediate pass and he got the job in a shop immediately. After few months he left that as he was able to get a teaching job.
    Are you aware of such cases when people hide their qualifications? Please share.
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    Hiding qualifications and applying for jobs meant for less qualified people are not allowed in government organisations. For some jobs in government, higher qualifications may be a hindrance. But hiding that is against the rules. Even in private jobs also MNCs and big corporates may not consider people with higher qualifications for some posts. When applying for such jobs also one should not hide his/ her qualification.
    But in the unorganised sector, it may be possible to hide our qualifications. I never know any person who has not revealed his qualification for the fear of not getting selected for the post. In some jobs, higher qualifications will be given weightage. But in any case, I feel hiding our qualifications is not a correct process and it may lead to complications during the course of our service.

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    What the author has indicated is not very unusual and very often we come across some youths not getting jobs for their higher qualifications. In that situation, they neither get jobs according to their higher qualifications nor are fit for lower categories of jobs. It is certainly a very frustrating situation for the candidates.
    However there Is the provision of disciplinary action to be taken by administrative authorities for the concealing the facts but it is not applicable for the private undertakings. The candidates sometimes conceal their real qualifications to get a job for their sustenance. It is really a very painful situation for the sufferers.

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    Mentioning the educational qualification is special according to one if he is the first graduate in their house. My parents put my qualifications in my wedding invitation and I came to know this only after got printing them. When I asked them they told that it is their proud.
    In one marriage invitation the bridegroom asked their parents not to put his educational qualifications (he is an engineer) but the bride side invitation, they put them. The bridegroom got angry on his parents and when communicating this to the bride side parents, they told, 'Sir, we are proud to put our daughter's educational qualification (she is a doctor) and it is not found nice if we did not mention bridegroom's educational qualification by putting my daughter's one.' So, according to them they are right.

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