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    Life is all about reading our inner strength

    Our life is something that is very unpredictive. What you think, sometimes it just happens the opposite. Sometimes it shocks us and sometimes it mocks us. When life goes smoothly, everything looks good but the real test comes when all are going against in life and this is where our inner strength comes into play.

    It's true that in our difficult times, our family and friends stand with us but they are our physical strength. They can help us from the outside, but it depends on the individual how he/she stands and fights with the situation mentally with a strong head. If we could not stand and fight in our difficult situation, no matter how much help we get from outside, it won't help us improve our life.

    Life is not all about living happily but standing tall confidently when time is rough and tough and it will only happen when we know our inner strength. So reading and identifying our inner strength is a must in our life.

    (Topic-based TOW contest - Reading)
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    This is a good submission from the author. Everybody will have his/her own internal strengths and weaknesses. One should assess their own internal strengths and should convert their weaknesses into their strengths. Then only one can face difficult situations confidently.
    When there is a real problem, one should not get perturbed and should not lose their cool. Others may provide you with some support but the onus is on the individual only. So the individual should think and act. One should not lose his/her heart. Then only success comes.
    If we don't know our inner strength, we can't face the situation confidently. Even we may not be able to assess whether we require any external support to come out of the problem. So keeping cool and analysing the situation properly will only happen when you know your internal strengths.

    always confident

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    A very interesting observation by the author. When we are amid difficult times then what matters is our inner strength, courage, and patience. In such difficult times most of the people look for external help and if that is not got then they become sad and depressed and start losing the battle of struggle for existence. But on the contrary, there are people who don't bother for external help whether it is being available to them or not but go for the voice of their soul and take bold and courageous decisions to come out of that phase in their lives. These are the people who become a role model for others and their names remain shining in the history.
    Knowledge is power.

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