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    Customers struggling with interactive voice response system

    Many companies and organisations have got a customer service centre and a customer can contact it by telephoning at the service centre phone number. Generally some people will always be talking to the customer service executives and if we try to contact them then we will be asked to wait for our turn and in some cases that waiting period is irritatingly long and could be of the order of 10-15 minutes. Now some companies (like banks) have installed interactive voice response system so that a computer voice will ask the customer his query by selecting a number 1, 2, 3 ... and will also tell the options connected with those numbers. Once the customer selects a number then again he would be asked to select from some options and will also be asked to enter his card number or document number or some other code and if everything matches he would be told that his request is noted and the action will be taken and he will be informed through SMS or email. In many cases the interactive response system is not able to provide a satisfactory solution and then directs the customer to the service executive where the customer can talk to the executive and tell him the query or problem.
    So far so good but I have seen that many times the system does not connect to the service executive and thanks the customer and disconnects. It is very irritating and time consuming and then again one has to phone at that number.
    What is your experience in this regard? Are you satisfied with the service provided by these service centres?
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    Many times it happens. The phone will go on repeating that the executives are busy and as soon as possible they will connect to the executive. This will go on for 15 to 20 minutes and then it will get disconnected. Very irritating. I experienced the same many times.
    That is why I try to communicate through emails so that clarity will be there. Sometimes we will get an immediate reply and sometimes we will not get it. Recently some organisations introduced WhatsApp chat numbers. I have one such app of HDFC. It is very easy to operate the same and we will be getting answers immediately. But sometimes the answers will not clear our doubts. The best is to talk to the executive even though it is time taking.

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    Let us not be cheated with the services of customer's service which very often is claimed by the advertisement that they would take care of the aggrieved customers. It would be a stereo tap from which voice will come up that they would get all sorts of possible help in case of emergency.This becomes nothing but an eye wash ultimately. The best part could be not to come across any problem and if that happens, it might take years to get the same corrected.
    It is a kind of eye wash from the side of the manufacturers to cheat the customers that they always take care of the customers but the findings could be disappointing.

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    I think they should modify their interactive response program or software in such a way that after 2-3 options it should itself tell that it seems that those options were not meeting the purpose so please press nine (9) or something like that to talk to a customer executive.
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