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    How can one earn from India Study Channel?

    I am back on India Study Channel after a long break. I have a question: How can one earn from this channel? Could you please guide me?

    I hope this helps!
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    There are many sections in India study channel like forum, job section, Ask expert section, and article section. You can submit your post in all sections. All section demand quality content. You can earn from all sections but it should be quality content and without copy-paste. For more information go to help topics.

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    Welcome back. You might be aware about this site but as you have come back after a long gap I would suggest you to go through the help topics and especially the pinned posts comprehensive guide and section wise guidelines.
    I just want to mention that there are good opportunities for earning here but you have to contribute regularly and try to contribute in various sections and also participate in as many contest as possible. It takes time to accumulate earnings but the mantra is to continuously contribute, improve, learn and then again contribute.

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    Welcome back. Basically, if you want to earn regularly from this channel, you should contribute mainly to two sections,
    1. Jobs section
    2. Articles.
    Go through Help Topics. You will get full details and guidelines for posting.
    In addition to the above, you can also go through post guidelines in different sections so that you will get conversant with the site well.
    In addition to posting in the above two sections, you can also contribute in the Ask experts section, which may get you some CC. Similarly in all other sections also you have the opportunity of earning by contributing here on this site.
    Important changes to ISC - We are switching to a true Academic Portal * REVISED *
    Please go through the above link also. It will make you understand the change in the policy of ISC and make you understand well about the site.

    always confident

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    It is nice ha you have decided to resume activity in ISC after a gap. Welcome back.

    During the interregnum, some changes happened in ISC. The most Important change is of "switching to a true Academic Portal". As such, now articles on education-related content only are given cash credits. Now the only two sections where non-education-related postings are allowed in Forum and Ask Experts.

    In your previous innings, you had posted relevant content in various sections and won a couple of prizes, and hence I feel you have knowledge of the feature and functioning of ISC. Moreover, you are connected with the field of education. It will be relatively easy and relevant for you to post good articles and content in other sections on the focus field of education. You may read the announcement in this regard by visiting the linked page highlighted in the second paragraph of this response. You may also go through other announcements by WM, ME and editors to update yourself.

    Hope to see your quality contributions in your second innings here. Best wishes.

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    One thing that I want to add in this matter is that as we all know that the forum section is the gateway to ISC site, it makes sense to contribute in it. One can either float a new post or respond to the already existing posts which are in general not older than 10 days.
    Now my point is that it is good to float a new post but we have to respond to the existing posts also in order to sustain a good pace of discussions. Simply floating posts and not responding to a few existing ones would appear to be a strange thing because that gives a message that the member is only interested to see what others respond on his post but is not interested to respond to other posts. Is not that a narrow attitude?
    For healthy and threadbare discussions responses are required. If everyone floats posts but does not respond then it would be a very intriguing situation.
    I hope members would take it in form of a suggestion for growth and prosperity of this site which is necessary for our existence here.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Indu Singh, welcome back! Other members have already mentioned the ways to earn from ISC and you may go through the article How to earn from ISC and Google Adsense which has the detailed answer to your query. You need to keep in mind that the focus is now on education-related articles and the more you post, the better. Another important thing is the use of Grammarly. It's a free tool to correct grammatical errors, spelling, punctuation, etc. and you will get it in the link Sign up and install the extension of the app in the browser that you use to log in to ISC. That will help you a lot to make your posts error-free. Go ahead and I wish you all the best.

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