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    Why do nature and signature never change?

    Why do nature and signature never change?

    The terms "nature" and "signature" can have different meanings depending on the context, so I'll try to address them separately:

    Nature: In general, "nature" refers to the fundamental qualities or characteristics that define something. For example, the nature of water is that it is a clear, odorless liquid that is essential for life. It is often said that "nature never changes" because these fundamental qualities are considered to be inherent and unalterable. However, it's important to note that nature can change in certain contexts, such as when it is affected by external factors like pollution, climate change, or human intervention.

    Signature: "Signature" can refer to a person's unique identifying mark or symbol, such as a signature on a document. In this sense, a signature can remain constant over time and never change. However, "signature" can also refer to a distinctive feature or pattern that is characteristic of something, such as the signature flavor of a particular type of cuisine. In this sense, a signature can change over time if the underlying qualities or ingredients that define it change.

    In summary, while the concept of "nature" is generally associated with inherent and unchanging qualities, it's important to consider the context in which it is used. Similarly, while a person's signature can remain constant, the concept of a "signature" can be more fluid and dependent on external factors.
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    A signature is unique for every individual and it should not change. If it changes, one has to face problems. If you are signing a cheque and the signature is not tallying with the specimen signature provided by you to the bank, the bank will not honour your cheque and may bounce back. So a signature of a person should not change. There may be some special qualities which are unique to the individual. Those qualities can also be referred to as the signature of the individual. Generally, these special qualities will not change over a period of time and will remain constant. That is why they are considered the signature of the individual.
    The nature of the person also will not change so easily. A man who always has the habit of finding fault with others will continue doing the same forever and that quality will not change easily. Such unchangeable qualities are referred to as the nature of the individual.
    Nature is getting polluted and we are facing problems. Here nature refers to the environment consisting of water, air and mother earth.

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    Nature is how a person behaves and treats other persons in his life. There are some inherent qualities in a person which constitute his nature. With education and sophisticated learnings nature can be polished but the inherent elements will remain same.
    It is the nature of the person by which he either becomes popular in the society or is not liked by others. People generally keep relations with good natured persons. So good nature is the great attribute of a person.
    With practice and sustained efforts nature can be changed to some little degree but it would be within the original premises.
    Signature on the other hand is only for the identification of a person and proves his authenticity and credentials in official or business documents. People generally do not change it and keep it consistent throughout their lives.

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    Whatever our signature is, it remains constant for over an appreciable time and in that way, it can be referred to a healthy trend. Any deviation from the originality would invite problems for ourselves in case of withdrawal of money from bank though the Bank might recognise us personally but they might not honour us. We have seen sometimes of refusal of cheque from them due to discrepancy of signatures.
    Another trend is signature personality of a man distinguishing him from others due to his manners, style of expression and other attributes ranking them in the upper slots.
    If we refer to nature of a man, it hardly changes unless some events have developed influencing his nature.
    In this context, it is rather a good observation from the side of the author regarding the natural behaviour of men.

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    In reality both nature and signature undergo change. If the change is gradual and in slow pace, the change is not much noticed and the quantum of change is relatively minor in a short period range. However when the comparison is over a long-range period base, then we can definitely find changes.

    The sudden change is felt and has serious effect. Usually the sudden change occurs due to some external occurrences or deliberate attempts of interference.

    The topographical and climatic changes occurring in the world are due to various human activities by human beings. They have more explicit and immediate effects. Drastic changes in one's signature can happen when one's hand or fingers are injured or are affected by arthritis etc.

    In normal gradual changes over a long period, the changes may be there but the over all appearance and feeling will be similar and confirming to the original pattern. Bu in sudden changes the pattern itself can change and may be dissimilar to original pattern.

    In my personal case, I can say that my signature has undergone changeover a long period. when I compare my signature in a very old document and in a very recent document, I can se the change, but the pattern or proportion stay within overall relativity. but when I tried to put my signature in a document with a bandage in my injured thumb, there was a wide difference.

    Due to our constant and regular connection, we may not notice the small changes in nature and our own signature. But there is change definitely over time.

    (tailpiece: if two signature are exactly same, then one of them may or can be a clever copy. Even one's own signature within a span of minutes but put in two different size and space paper or document and using different pen/pencil can be different and not exactly same, but genuine ones will be confirming to a real pattern and proportion.)

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