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    When the brain digs out information from its deep layers!

    Human brain is the CPU of human body. It is the place from where all the activities of the human body are initiated, coordinated, monitored, and managed in a very astonishing way. It has a big memory storage and depending on one's desire it can store a lot of information. Some information it records and stores as per its own wish but in general we memorize many things and keep them in our memory for retrieval at a later time.
    The memory domains and layers and sublayers in our brain are really amazing and the way it stores and retrieves information is really surprising.
    Many times we have difficulty in recalling some name of a person we had association long back or some past event or some childhood memory and when we try hard then after some time which could be even in hours or days, it suddenly surfaces out and we remember it. It means our brain has been working in the background and when it got that information by searching and locating it in the deep layers of memory, it tells us that it has got it and then we suddenly remember it.
    It is something which today we are trying to do with supercomputers or computers using artificial intelligence but human brain is still the marvelous natural machine which has no parallel.
    What are your views on this? Please share your opinions.
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    Excellent about brain. To add to your inputs, during our night sleep or even deep sleep brain will sort the information in the form of rewind and store and that if coincides with some sort of awakeness in the sleep only comes as a dream. Our remembering of dreams level based on how awake we are.
    shasthranaam Ganitham moordhanisthitham

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    Very true. Our brain works even when we are sleeping.
    Knowledge is power.

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    The rest is for the body, not the brain. The brain stops working only when we are dead. Sometimes we may be not able to find a solution to a problem. Then if we stop working on that problem and divert our minds to some other work, after some time we may get a flash idea to solve the problem we are facing. This is an indication that our minds will be working in the background on the problems we have.
    When I joined a new job in 1988, my boss gave me a problem and asked me to come out with a solution for that problem next. I started thinking but I was not happy with the solutions that are coming to my mind and I went to sleep. Suddenly after 2 or 3 hours, I got up from my bed and an idea came to my mind and I myself patted my back.
    The next day when I suggested my solution, my boss was so happy and his first impression of me was very good after that I never looked back and I progressed very well in my profession.
    The brain will be passing commands to all the parts of our body and they will be responding accordingly.

    always confident

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