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    My Book review - The last color

    Recently I came across this book suggested by a friend and I found it fascinating. It is a book about people who are often marginalised in society, like widows of Banaras, orphans in the streets and transgenders. The day-to-day discrimination they face at the hands of people in the power- especially policeman who often pushes them towards criminal nature.
    This is the book written by famous Chef Vikash Khanna whom you might have seen in Master chef India as a judge and has many fiats on his name in the Hotel and food industry.
    It is a heart-wrenching story of childhood widows who have to live a life of extreme austerity, leaving all the small joys and happiness of life and staying away from colours. It shows how with a bit of support, love and nurturing kids who are orphans with no one to look after can do wonders in life and society in general. It is a tale of people having a connection because of a thread of pain and suffering that connects them. If you start reading it you will feel as if you are seeing the world through the eyes of the protagonist of the story Choti who lived in a nameless place and no one gave her any name but she earned a name for herself.
    After reading such stories I often feel how privileged we are to have everything we have but still keep complaining.
    Also, there is a wonderful movie on the Widows of Banaras - if you haven't watched it already do give it a watch, it is worth watching.
    As I found this book praiseworthy I thought to write a small review, also I want to add a suggestion for ISC editors if they like it - Why not have a special section for Book reviews like forum threads? So whenever any member reads a nice book, they can share their views here and motivate others to read it.
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    We do have a category for books in our forum, and we welcome discussions on books. If you wish to write a book review as a full-fledged article, you may do so at the other site ( - Articles- Education).

    It is suggested that when you raise a forum thread or submit an article related to a book, you could mention the author as well. After all, that is important to acknowledge! Mentioning the author will also make it clear as to whose book you read and are reviewing since we sometimes come across multiple books on the same topic (for example, biographies on the same person).

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    Thank you Vandana Ma'am for the suggestion and for telling me about the book review section which I wasn't aware of earlier. I should have mentioned the name of the author, and I will edit it in the post, and I will try to write such articles as well.
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    The author has given a brief of the book and the short review which gives an idea as what the book is all about. There are some books which touch our heart and we enjoy reading them. Most of these books are dealing with the realistic lives people are having in the society and their struggles and aspirations.
    Earlier I had published a few reviews in ISC but as ISC has now focussed in education area I would be submitting my future reviews in SV (Social Village).
    Book review writing is a very nice activity and we learn precis writing and many other things which help us in strengthening our creative writing faculties.

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    After reading a book, if the reader submits a review, it will be useful to the people who wanted to read that book. Some people will be in a dilemma about whether to read or not. Such people may read the reviews and decide whether the book is good enough to read or not.
    Earlier I published an article on ISC a review of a movie I have seen. Some other authors have also written movie reviews on ISC. But now such articles are not welcome by ISC as their focus is shifted to education. But the same can be published on Social Village.

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