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    Two notifications from Google Adsense

    I have two notifications from Google Adsense:
    1. Reminder: Your subdomain blocks will be promoted to the domain level in 3 days
    2. Site management in AdSense is changing

    What does it mean? I do not have a good knowledge of Google Adsense. My Google Adsense profile was approved through ISC.

    Are there any changes there? Should I have to do anything?

    Senior members of ISC who have good knowledge of Google Adsense, please guide me about that. Should I ignore the message or do I have to do action?
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    Hakimuddin Kuwakhedawala,

    I will forward this thread to Tony Sir. Only he would be able to answer this. Even I am clueless.

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    I have also got those two notifications in my Google AdSense notifications. They have mentioned an 'action' tab just below that and when I clicked on that I found the following explanation -
    What is this?
    This is to remind you that as part of the Sites tab changes, any existing blocking controls for a subdomain will be promoted to the domain level. For example, if you have blocking controls configured for and, the combination of those settings will be applied to
    Blocking controls for subdomains shown at the top level view of the Sites table will remain in place
    Important: We will make this change for you automatically after 20.03.2023. To opt out, please click here by 13.03.2023. If you opt out, your subdomain blocks will be deleted.

    Does it apply to us in any way? I feel everything would be alright without any response from our side. However webmaster may like to examine it in a broader sense. Have other members also got these notifications?

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    Thank you very much Vandana madam. You are right, Tony sir can answer this query. Eagerly waiting for his response.

    Yes, Mr. Umesh, you are right. I have also got these two messages. I think all the members whose Adsense is approved through ISC would receive these two messages.

    Let's wait for the response of Tony sir.

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    I too received these two specifications from Adsense. Just they will be informing us of the changes that are taking place on the site. They may not be much relevant to us. Hence I just read it and left it there. Anyhow it is good that through this thread the details about the notification and any implications because of these changes.
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    Both are related messages. Google is making some changes in some AdSense settings and configuration which are rarely used by AdSense users of ISC. I don't think this will have any impact for you all unless you own very popular sites with sub domains. At this point, I do not have any additional information to share and I personally haven't taken any action on any of our sites based on this, If I get any more details, I will share in this forum.
    Tony John
    Webmaster -

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    Thank you very much Tony John sir for your reply. it is great that we do not have to worry that it would not affect our AdSense account. Thanks a lot for your response .
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