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    Attitude of parents and children

    Once a son working ia city take his parents from their village to city. First they are travelling in train. Father with immense happy asked his son about this and that. At a point he,son,sullen on his father and asked him to come without annoying. He realised and kept quite. But the mother seeing this silently shed tears. By seeing her tears son asked the reason. Mother replied 'no, dear son! I just remember twenty years back. We three were travelling to nearby town by bus. You,five years old boy repeatedly asking questions to your father about this and that. Your father without any reaction explained every one. On returning also you asked same questions to him but he replied again with patience, smile and joy. I just remember that now'.

    No real mother throw her child on ground when it goes two bathroom on her new saree.
    No real father throw his child when it vomits on his shirt or office dress,
    No real parents drops their child in orphanage if their child found insane or physically challenged.
    But why son/daughter/daughter in law/son in law seeks the help of 'homes' for their old age parents
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    That all depends on the way in which the parents brought up their children. I have seen how my father took care of my grandmother and I get a lesson from him and leant the way in which I should treat my parents in their old age. As parents, it is your responsibility to teach your children the importance of values and virtues in our real lives. But we are seeing many parents who never bother about their children and leave them to their servant maids and give them the comforts possible. That attitude is the reason for the present status.
    We all know that children learn by seeing their parents and teachers. So the nature or mentality of a child will depend on the mentality or nature of their parents. So answering the questions of the child is one of the important issues but seeing that they will learn good values is also their responsibility.

    always confident

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    Dr. Rao is right. Many parents of this day do not even have casual talk with their children and other children. They are not going to schools even for parent-teachers meeting. They, in the form of freedom, giving separate room for the children and no collective speaking or eating jointly etc.,

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