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    AI bot is now Romanian PM’s advisor

    Artificial Intelligence is undergoing fast developments and improvements that a worrying question which was raking human minds initially has again come up with scary proportions. Will AI overtake human intelligence?
    But even before AI coming, machines started replacing humans in many fields or at least reducing their numbers in various jobs. This was enhanced and spread in many other desktop jobs by spread of computers. And software applications.
    Along with the AI arms provided by monopolistic providers, Chat-GPT has become wide accepted and the experience reports coming day by day shows its widening and permeating impacts. Now the teaching community have become afraid about students using Chat GPT for their home works and assignments and not at all using their own thinking and efforts.
    It is in this regard that a very interesting news has come that "Romania's prime minister has hired the world's first AI government adviser."
    Let us wait to see if the bot advisor truly reflects or reports peoples view and opinion , and not influenced by partisan favouritism or power greed. May be very soon political parties may use such AI bots or their new generations to assess voter views and manipulating them for their favour. Prashant Kishors may be now not needed but replaced by AI strategists.
    Can it lead to one such ay when even ministers also may be AI and w will have AI government?
    How do you see it or vision it.
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    I thank Venkiteswaran Sir for sharing this valuable information which may have far-reaching impact internationally. We will eagerly wait to know the performance evaluation of the AI advisor of the Romanian Prime Minister.
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    The author has posted regarding the popularity of AI and has penetrated almost in all our working activities. This could even be utilised for the assessment of performance evaluation of AI advisor of Romanian Prime Minister.
    AI bots would be of immense help of the different governments to assess the moods of the public and their inclinations towards the present party. Chat GPT has been popular among the student community to the extent that they are no more applying their brains for the deep thinking related to their subjects. This is definitely the the side effects of AI bot.

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    Slowly and slowly use of AI is increasing significantly and many organisation or business entities are using it for getting information based on a large data set for taking better decisions. There is no doubt that in the future environment AI will be everywhere and people would be using it for all sort of tasks.
    AI is nothing but a sophisticated software which can take data and information from all the servers available to it and then compile it and present it to the management so that the management would take better business decisions. More rugged and robust the AI software is more it will be able to help the user.
    The software engineers who will be maintaining the AI platform will always be updating it and making it more and more effective and becoming the ultimate problem solver for the management.
    There is an apprehension in the minds of people that AI may lead to serious unemployment and many experts believe that it would definitely kill many jobs.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Appreciate your wonderful question. I think AI is like a cricket ball. It can be used constructively to play cricket or destructively to smash someone's body. The decision is upon the individual. Even though AI is a cricket ball (stitch ball), we human beings are prepared with bat, pads and helmet. A bouncer of beamer may not hit us if we know how to play. AI will never fully replace human intelligence, but rather complement and enhance it. I believe.
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    A very interesting post got to know only after reading your post about a PM using an AI bot as an advisor.

    Well, it's difficult to envision an AI government, where even the ministers are AI but I am not brushing off the possibility. Centuries back, it would have been difficult to imagine certain technologies and the possibilities it has bought today. The use of AI in our daily life is going to be inevitable.

    If we use ChatGPT, effectively, it can really help us in different areas. The teaching community needs to be afraid of this because for every chatbot there is another tool created that can recognize if it is written by AI or not. I understand when students use it for their assignments. Instead of fearing ChatGPT, it can be used as a very effective teaching tool, it can explain complex topics in simple words.

    As of today, chatbots are programmed to be apolitical, so I wonder how the PM is using them as an advisor. Moreover, the ChatGPT has a database only till 2021. So I am curious, about how effective it is going to be.

    Another thing that I find funny is, when trying to get a response from AI, it checks if you are human. A bot wants to verify if the user is a bot or not.

    The times that we are in !!

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    It is really interesting to know that "Romania's prime minister has hired the world's first AI government adviser." Many others may follow the suit. We can have different AI advisers in different ministries. One way it is good. The advice from these AI will be based on some data they have collected and analysed. There will not be any chance to deviate from the designed formulae and decision-making procedures. All these Robots work based on the programme that is used in designing them and they act as per the commands. That will be a minus point for politicians but may be good for the general public.
    Always there is a conflict between automation and employment opportunities. Personally, I feel employment opportunities may come down in some areas but the chances may increase in some other areas and as such the overall employment opportunities may be the same.

    always confident

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    Roshan Salim in his response post#770453 has given an interesting comparison. Yes, it is true that for everything there ae two sides - the god and the bad and it depends how we handle it. As they say electricity is a good slave but a bad master, it is going to be the case with AI.
    But unlike the other man made machines, the developments via AI is now going towards unpredictable directions. As of now AI can only take inputs from the already given/ inputs. But as we all know when the dark web expands beyond control and the criminal minds also develop AI towards their interests, we cannot predict what can happen in future.

    The AI has a very vast arena for i to use inputs than its developers who could be a finite number totaling from all over world. But the expanse of the web world is infinity and the developers may not be able to assess or even visualize or imagine and evaluate what will be the gamut and nature of data and input the AI utility takes in and what it will churn out . Hence a lot of cautious checks and balances are to be in place and it has to be ensured that sensible human intelligence always dominates and controls and in command over AI.

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