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    Who is going to bell the cat - parents or teachers or government

    It is repeatedly seen in newspapers and many of us physically seeing on roads that the students hanging in the bus entrances almost in all cities, villages etc., In spite of the repeated notifications in newspapers, it seems there is no action from any side have been taken.

    Parents, though they think that the hanging is not their own son.

    Teachers can tell to some extent.

    Bus service personnel waits for mishap

    But still the scene is continuing in all places.

    We can argue that the number of buses are less in some areas to cover the needs of the students. The Transport authorities should make some arrangements to provide additional buses on the route of schools/colleges located, which cater the need of humanitarian as well commercial benefit.

    Parents should note this whether their children are doing like this so as to avoid mishap or disaster for them.

    Teachers on the way can identify their students and warn them on the next day class.

    Above all police personnel should be deployed for this purpose and they can stop the bus and ask such hanging students to stand on the road or board them in the next bus.
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    Hanging on to the bus entrances may seem like a harmless activity, but it can have serious consequences. The most obvious danger is the risk of falling off the bus, especially if the driver has to make a sudden stop or turn. Students who hang on to the bus are not secured in any way, and any sudden movement can cause them to lose their balance and fall off the bus, resulting in injuries or even death.

    In addition to the risk of falling, hanging in buses can also cause overcrowding, making it difficult for students to get on and off the bus safely. This can lead to pushing and shoving, which can cause students to trip and fall or get caught in the doors. It can also create a distraction for the driver, who may have to keep an eye on students hanging in the bus instead of focusing on the road.

    It is crucial for all stakeholders, including parents, teachers, and transport authorities, to work together to ensure the safety of students traveling in buses. The first step is to raise awareness about the dangers of hanging on to the bus entrances, as it can result in serious accidents and even fatalities.

    Transport authorities should take the initiative to provide additional buses on routes where the demand is high, to reduce overcrowding and make travel safer for students. Parents should also be vigilant and ensure that their children are not risking their safety by hanging on to the bus entrances.

    Teachers can play an important role in identifying students who engage in such risky behavior and counsel them on the dangers of doing so. They can also work with transport authorities to create awareness campaigns in schools, highlighting the importance of safe travel practices.

    Finally, police personnel can be deployed to monitor the roads and take action against those who engage in dangerous behaviour, such as hanging on to bus entrances. Strict enforcement of traffic rules can help reduce the incidence of such risky behaviour and make travel safer for students.

    Overall, it is a collective responsibility to ensure the safety of students traveling in buses. By working together, we can create a safer and more secure environment for our children.

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    Not one, everybody should bell the cat. There are many cats, but not a single cat. So whoever gets a chance, should not leave. They should advise the students who are hanging at the door of a bus. In fact, more responsibility should be taken by the bus conductor and driver. They should stop the bus and advise the hanging persons inside or they should ask them to get down. Till they follow the instructions, the bus should not start. In such a case, we will see good results.
    No parent will allow his/her wards to take unnecessary risks. Similarly, no teacher will say that it is a good practice. But there is no way to punish them. In trains we see police and they will make the unauthorised passengers get out of reserved compartments. In the same police should ask the people to get down instead of hanging at the entrance.
    Some people think that hanging near the door of a bus is an adventure but they never understand the risk involved in such actions. Such people never move in even though there is space inside the bus. Conductor should make such people to get down the bus.

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    It is a general perception today that the students or young people are not disciplined and are not keeping any order as compared to what they were behaving in the past. If we analyse the reasons for that then we find out that our social fabric has changed drastically and the Government governance is also very poor in the matter. Even parents have no control on their children and many parents do not know what their children are doing outside the house because most of these children show a good degree of innocence within the four walls of their houses.
    So when the whole society is like that and there is no control on these youngsters then what can even the teachers do?
    Even if the Government passes tough orders from the top the implementing agencies do not bother and do not punish the people as per that stipulation. Of course there are some political reasons for that as the local goons will make the life of implementing agencies miserable if they go beyond a certain limit of punishment.
    Due to all these complications no one is daring to bell the cat.

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    We are certainly poor in the maintenance of discipline and what the author has indicated in his post is not unusual when we see the crowds hanging in the buses. It is not that they are not aware of the dangers associated with this hanging postures. The drivers often put brakes if the situation demands and the sudden jerks would be enough to dis balance them leading them to fall of from the buses. Needless to say, they must be warned by both the conductors and drivers not to danger their lives from being fallen off.
    The management of the bus should strictly display the regulations that no one would be allowed to travel in the hanging position. The conductors and drivers should ensure this being the compulsory part before the bus picks up motion.

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