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    How can women faculty manage stress these days?

    These days many private universities/colleges in India have made a business to get more admissions and to earn more money where quality education is getting deteriorated. Even they have the best teachers with them. And all this is because of the stress these faculties have for getting more admissions and fake name and publication. In addition the internal targets of these universities including those with monetary benefits have made faculties work day and night leading a sedentary lifestyle and forgetting about their families and themselves. In return they are getting cervical, anxiety and other health issues. All these together contribute to the increased levels of stress in them. And this needs to be taken care of. All this seems to be very difficult for a women faculty where she has to manage her family and children and their studies as well. And somewhere it is making them more irate and separating them from their friends and society. And thus in order to lower this stress they have to involve themselves in some other physical activity or yoga for managing stress.
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    We can take up this matter aptly rather than for women faculty, women of present days.
    Normally the ladies are meant for patience. Thiruvalluvar emphasize the tolerance in one as the land is tolerating even the person digging it. Ladies are compared to land in our country only because of their patience. Normally we have seen many ladies as parents, sisters etc., maintain patience in controlling their family members especially children and all guests/customers visiting their houses. A house is identified well only because of the lady in that house. It was very rare to see sullen ladies in those days. We cannot say they are all not doing work like our present days. But one can realize their works only if they would have seen. They have to fetch water from well, preparing rice by picking up stones etc., grinding masalas for cooking, flour for Idli dosa etc., and more over the hotel consumption was very less in those days. By whatever late they are coming they took food in house and house persons were also waiting for one and all.
    But to the pity, present ladies are heavily lost their patience. They lack in other activities, thinking something other than usual, expecting more and more etc.,
    Moreover they lack in taking proper food also and in the words of 'healthy' they do not follow the needy food and the same is not sufficient for their daily activities.
    Nowadays though we have all facilities we seek stress management means proper searching is need to where we lack.

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    @RP the Original thread is something about the state of affairs if higher education and the status of women faculty involved in the system but yours is purely biased towards women which is totally irrelevant. So please avoid such replies.

    While coming to original topic, yes now the system is going away from the actual task of teaching but wanted to involve in all managerial activities to make money instead service to society. Yes stress management is the need of the hour.

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    This trend is there not only in the education field but also in other areas. A doctor in a corporate hospital will be given a target of minimum cases and minimum collection. If he/ she is not fulfilling that they will not pay them full salary. In the same way, in private corporate colleges also targets for admissions and other areas will be fixed. In earlier days people used to think that for a woman teaching job is the best job as they will have some free time. But these days even these teaching jobs are also not very easy, especially in private colleges. Here the role of husbands is also very important. They should also take some responsibility for house maintenance. Stress will definitely tell on health.
    Some corporates are appointing separate staff for taking care of admissions and they are not giving that responsibility to teaching staff. That is a good strategy and teachers can completely devote their time to teaching only.

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    The present situation is really worrisome irrespective of the field where women are putting their services. Education sector is not the exception in that sense. The earlier concept of ours was that women would be more comfortable in the areas of education since at least in this area, no manual work is involved and they can concentrate on teaching with ease within the allocated timings. But unfortunately situation has changed due to less intake of staffs making them stressed working them for extended hours. The management is deriving maximum benefits multiplying their profits at the cost of ruining the health of the lady staffs The situation needs to be reviewed.

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    Dr Prerna Gupta,

    Welcome to ISC! You have chosen a good way to manage stress by joining this site where you can contribute in various sections and share your experiences. It's always good to start with Forum and along with it, you must know how things work on this platform as this is a moderated one. A comprehensive guide for new members will indeed help you and if you are in academics then I am sure it will be quite exciting for you as the focus is now on education.

    Now coming to your topic, I would say that nowadays the level of stress has increased in every domain as pointed out by other members in their replies and one has to find ways to manage stress. While yoga, meditation and physical exercises help a lot to reduce stress to find out a solution to anything one has to analyze the problem. For example, it has to be found whether the schedule of work is stressful or the atmosphere at the workplace makes one stressed. By analyzing it properly and modifying our work schedule can also be a way to manage stress. With an increase in competition, the ways of businesses have changed and I think we have to tune ourselves accordingly.


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    There are many organisations especially the educational institutes where a good number of women are working. Due to the commercialization, these institutes want to earn more and more and many institutes are forcing their faculties to work extra hours. These institutes might be compensating it with some extra money also but that is not the point because everyone requires some spare time for personal life and for family matters and cannot devote all the time to the company or organisation where one is working.
    On one side we are talking of unemployment in our country to such a large extent and other side we are pressing hard on the existing employees to work round the clock. This is a ridiculous situation. Probably hiring additional hands would be a costlier proposition and management wants to squeeze maximum from the existing staff.
    There might be some ambitious women in our country who will be happy with that situation and will like to step up on the career ladder but those would be a few cases as in general women will like to have a balance life instead of having a work alcoholic life.
    If stress is created because of over engagement in the workplace then it has to be managed but the main thing required for managing it is some spare time during which one can concentrate in activities like yoga, exercises, and engaging in some interesting hobbies in ones life and if one is not getting time for that then that will create a lot of problems. It is said that stress is more harmful for body than any ailment because ailment can be cured with medicines but stress cannot be cured until unless one gets sufficient time and conducive environment to manage it.
    For the working women it is a difficult situation because they can't disobey the management also and at the same time they cannot cope with so much of workload along with their family lives. I do not see any easy solution to that situation.

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