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    ChatGPT-4: The latest version of ChatGPT

    OpenAI (a company that created ChatGPT) is updating the ChatGPT in stages and new versions are said to be more powerful than the earlier ones. The company has announced that this latest version is trained on a larger database and is capable of generating more robust language conversations. It can handle the translations, summarisations, and understanding of natural languages in a better form than its predecessors. Another thing is that it has new algorithm for coherent language generation. Another feature in ChatGPT-4 is that it is using relevant videos and images also in its output. That opens up a large possibility of AI applications.
    In essence, ChatGPT is claimed to provide a better support from content creation to customer service through advanced AI techniques.
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    "The power of AI language models is not just in their ability to generate text, but in their capacity to unlock the knowledge and insights contained within vast amounts of data." - Andrew Ng, AI researcher and entrepreneur.
    "Unlock the treasure trove of knowledge's delight,
    Discover the world with wondrous insight."

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    I want to add that there are some other applications also similar to ChatGPT and they are also trying to capture the market. Some of them are Chatsonic, Character AI, Jasper Chat, You chat, Bard AI being developed by Google, Perplexity AI etc.
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    Thanks to the author for providing some good information about ChatGPT. This app is now available for free as it is in its initial stages and the makers want to get more and more feedback. Based on the feedback they receive, they may upgrade and improve the app. That is how now the 4th version has come. Once the app is popular we may have to pay some nominal charges for using the same.
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    I have read about ChatGPT version 4 yesterday in a news. Version 4 is a better and more developed form of version 3.5. I do not have more ideas about ChatGPT but want to know more about it. I tried to download the app but was not able to do so.

    If any one of you has knowledge about ChatGPT I want to know more about it. How we should use it and a link to download the app for the same.

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    We had a discussion on ChatGPT earlier in forum section which might be of some help.
    ChatGPT is a chatbot created for intelligent conversation based on huge data digging and manipulations and result is presented to the customer using AI. It has been developed by OpenAI an independent research body. It is obvious that as it is a developing area this app will go on improving day by day.
    As I understand right now it is not available in Google Play Store and one has to go to Open AI website and then use it there itself directly as per the instructions there.
    It is free but it is mainly for the research preview purpose and not for general use.
    It seems that there are some fake versions of chatGPT available in Google play and other such places and one should avoid or be alert in downloading them.

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