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    Hard work versus smart work

    What you all think which is more required these days?
    As per my personal experience I have been given suggestion to do smart work rather than hard work. This smart work also includes working on yourself which is good also as it boost ones confidence but it also includes being extra nice (buttering) to your seniors for getting promotions. My super head also gave me the same suggestion to be extra sweet (buttering) to my acting head for good increments as by only doing hard work I am not getting fruitful results and ultimately I am the sufferer. Yes it do affects a lot. I do feel inferior and depressed for the same reason but at the same time its against my ego to do buttering. I know my hard-work gives me results lately when all the charm of achieving a particular thing dies. Because I cannot do both hard and smart work. So how to handle this situation? Kindly give genuine suggestions that I can also implement to overcome this problem.
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    We have discussed enough hard work Vs smart work issues but what you referred to here is something different than what smart work is. Being extra nice may not be necessarily referred to as buttering and appreciating others from time to time is required. On the one hand, you have mentioned that you are depressed for not getting the desired results of hard work and on the other, you have acknowledged that your hard work provides you results but much later. At times, instantaneous results are not visible and it takes a little time to get the desired output. If you think that working hard is not paying off in your present job then find out what is lacking and how you can improve or work even harder to acquire a new job. Wouldn't that be nice a nice way?

    Hope the following posts on Hard work and Smart work will help you to figure out which is necessary

    1. Discuss which is best: Hard work or Smart work
    2. How To Perform Smart Work
    3. Only hard work or just smart work or both is necessary for success


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    The only option I can suggest you in your working style is to be innovative how you can get desired results in terms of your work. It is not that you are not recognised by your boss for your sincerity in in your work but at that same time, he needs some extra which you are referring to. This extra permits a performer to go ahead with pleasing talks which very often term the same buttering. Politeness, tactfulness and being courteous is always desirable in all the environments. If you apply the same with your total involvement in your work, there is nothing alarming alarming. You need to understand the human nature including your boss.
    I think this much sweetness is always permitted in your working environment and you should not suffer from any inferiority complex on that ground. Blend both your hard work and politeness in your talk especially with your boss to satisfy him psychologically.

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    For a proper learning and a career growth hard work is necessary. There is no substitute for it. But it does not mean that one will ignore or disobey one's senior in the workplace. Buttering is not required but you have to keep the management in your career loop. In any organisation team work matters much and individual work has no value if it is not aligned in the direction of the common objectives.
    Many time it so happens that the junior person is having much more knowledge than the senior person and the junior person doesn't want that senior person should take advantage of that for making his career or appear better in the eyes of management but such things happen and the junior cannot sideline the senior.
    At the same time management also keeps an open eye on the employees and they also know who is doing what. So there is no need to be over smart and also no need to hurt the senior and that is all.
    There are occasions when even junior people are called for making a presentation or delivering a lecture and at that time one should present one's capabilities and try to impress the management with the knowledge and learning one has. There is no need of buttering anywhere.

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    Just only by buttering you can't manage your show in the office. If you are 80% efficient, butter may add another 10% and make you 90% efficient. If you are 30% efficient, your buttering can't bring you to 90% level at any cost. This is my experience. I have experience in corporates but never worked in government offices. I don't know about these offices.
    So hard work coupled with smart work may yield better results. Nobody makes you pass the examination unless otherwise you attend the examination. But smart work is not just buttering. I feel. One should plan his work smartly and see that he will finish his work easily without much strain. That will be called smart work. A smart person can complete his work easily within the stipulated time without much strain. A smart person may complete his work much early than a normal person.

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    The debate between hard work and smart work has been a long-standing one, with both sides having their own merits. Hard work refers to putting in a lot of time, effort, and energy into a task to achieve the desired outcome. On the other hand, smart work refers to finding ways to complete a task efficiently and effectively with the minimum amount of effort.
    While hard work is important and can help us achieve your goals, it is not always the most efficient way of doing things. In some cases, working hard without a clear plan or strategy can lead to burnout and frustration, as well as wasting time and resources.
    Smart work, on the other hand, focuses on using our resources and time in the most efficient way possible. This involves analyzing the task at hand, identifying the most effective strategies, and using technology or tools to simplify or automate some of the process.

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    Some people do hard work and some people do smart work. But in my opinion, we should do hard work smartly. It is the key for success. Only hard work will not work and also only smart work also will not work. I have observed that the successful people do hardwork smartly.
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    Hard work refers to putting in a lot of effort, time, and energy into a task or project to achieve the desired results. It is about working relentlessly and dedicating yourself to your goals. Hard work can be seen as a traditional approach to achieving success and is often associated with persistence, perseverance, and determination.

    On the other hand, smart work is about working efficiently and using your resources optimally to achieve your goals. It involves planning, strategizing, and prioritizing your tasks to get the most out of your efforts. Smart work emphasizes working smarter, not harder, and leveraging your strengths to achieve your goals.

    In reality, both hard work and smart work are necessary to achieve success. Hard work alone can be exhausting and inefficient, while smart work alone can lead to complacency and a lack of motivation.

    Ultimately, the choice between hard work and smart work depends on the situation and the individual's goals. Both approaches have their place, and the key is to find the right balance between the two to achieve success.

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    Both hard work and smart work are important, and the correct balance between the two depends on the context and individual goals. Both hard work and smart work can complement each other, and the most successful individuals often utilize a combination of the two I think.
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