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    Have you ever visited for worship in other religion temples

    India is a country where we have many religions and almost find unity among them in all over the country. Spiritually speaking all religion are one and same. The way of teachings are different but telling same and leading to a same eternal bliss.
    I have no bias in visiting the other religion temples on any situation and visited Hindu temples wherever I go, to the possible extent.
    I have gone to Vivek Nagar Infant Jesus Church of Bangalore, Karnataka, Shrine Veilankanni, Nagapattinam, Tamilnadu, Nagore Dhargha, Nagore, Tamilnadu, Golden Temple, Amritsar, Punjab, Veilankanni church of Besant Nagar, Chennai.
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    Indians are very tolerant, live in harmony with people of other religions, and never have any complaints against each other. Only politicians for their benefit try to create differences and create problems. That will make them make merry and innocent people will become scapegoats.
    I have best friends who belong to the Muslim religion and Christianity. They call me for their festivals and I call them for our festivals. So I have the opportunity of visiting their mosques and churches. Three or four times I went to a church in a village near Hyderabad. That church is a very old church and they celebrate Christmas religiously.
    I visited mosques also about three or four times. I visited a Darga that is situated on the premises of a Shiva temple in Telangana. This Shiva temple is also very famous and situated in Vemulavada village of Siddipeta district of this state.

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    I belong to Dawoodi Bohra samaj and follow the Islamic religion. We worship in mosques and pray namaaz five times. I have friends of different religions and also visit the worship of other religions. Generally, I visited Hanuman ji Temple every Tuesday with my friends at school and in college life. After that now presently we visited the Temples of Mahadeva as temples are generally situated in natural places, so we also conduct parties there.

    I have also visited Church But I have not visited Gurudwara as there is no Gurudwara at our near places. I want to visit Gurudwara also.

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    There are many religions across the world but God is only one under which all these sects and cultures flourish. If this theory is acceptable and clear in our minds then we would not have any inhibition in visiting any religious place.
    I have visited some Gurudwaras, some Mosques, and some other religious places in our country and I had same feeling of bliss and spiritual attainment in them irrespective of their physical and social characteristics.
    The problem in this matter only arises when some of the people in some of the religions advocate and interpret their religion in an erroneous way and mislead some of its people and provoke them for wrong doing. That is the starting point from where differences in religions start and some people start feeling that they should not visit those religious places which are infected with that type of mindset.
    Whatever conflicts, confrontations, differences, and misinterpretations are done in this matter are done by the human beings only and God has no role in it. The almighty might be simply grinning at our mistakes and follies.

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