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    Asking help in correcting the article.

    Editors should give new article writers a chance to make corrections to their articles. Although I have been making repeated mistakes in applying HTML code to my Admission Article, I am asking for assistance in correcting these mistakes.
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    Please specify which type of help you need. I would try my best to help you. Please visit this topic to understand the uses of different tags.
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    Indu, it is seen that the article you have posted on STEM education has been shifted to pending and you have been advised by the editor to read and follow the Article posting guidelines and also to read the article on Good article writing tips. Links to both have been provided in the observation itself wherein it is also mentioned that we do not allow copied contents and you have been advised to remove the portions that are appearing elsewhere also. That means you still have the chance to correct your mistakes there and submit the article.

    If I am not mistaken, you have been advised by our members as well as the ME in two earlier threads you had raised on the issue. I am not discouraging you but it will help you to look into and follow the advise given by others. Just have a look at some of the other approved articles and then check your article. You will find the difference.

    That being the point, you may ask any specific doubt, mentioning the point clearly, as a response here itself. You may refer to this Help Topic in case you have any doubt about HTML tags.

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    I just want to add one point as below here which is very important and new writers must consider that as an important point for their writings.
    Most of the publishing sites are having plagiarism finding software installed and it automatically detects it quickly and effectively. One interesting thing in this regard is that it would detect the material posted by the same author elsewhere also if it is duplicated. In essence you cannot copy even your own written material and what to say of someone else's material. I will sincerely advise the new writers to write in their own style and then improve in it and that is the only way to establish in this field.

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    Indu Singh,

    In addition to what Saji has clearly stated, I have just one request- Just read the instructions given by the editors!

    You were instructed not to ut HTML tags in the title, yet you continue to do so. You were instructed to check out other approved articles to understand how to write a summary and present the article, yet you did not do so. Have you checked other admissions articles before submitting your own? See how details are given with an intro. on the institute, eligibility requirements, fees, admission procedure, etc. What you are submitting is not an article, but merely something like the way in which an admission notification appears in an advertisement.

    Despite shifting your aritlces to pending with the reasons, and guiding you with clear-cut instructions, you continue to submit articles in the same vein. Naturally, the editors will delete them. They cannot be expected to constantly review again and again improperly submitted articles.

    Please do make some effort on your part, otherwise guidance is pointless.

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    There are some articles which give suggestions and guidelines for submitting an article on this site. These articles will appear at the top of the index of articles published. You can go through them and understand the points and try to follow them in your articles.
    HTML tags are also very important. You can learn this tagging easily. Two or three times if you practice you will understand the process easily. It is very important that one has to follow the points raised by the editor while moving our articles to the pending section. We should address all the points raised by the editor.
    Hope you will now easily amend your article by following the points raised by the editor. I wish you all the best.

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    Indu Singh,

    One more thing- please close the HTML tags correctly. Read the Help topic given for it and use them correctly. Perhaps a family member or friend can sit with you, read the Help topic, and explain?

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    It is high time that the members here struggle with HTML tags which is an old gen writing technology. It is a kind request from our side (new members) that these editing system be updated. Webmasters and Editors are requested to behold the easiness by which a new member can contribute to this site. Without we members, ISC is just ISC. However, with us ISC will swift with flying colours!
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