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    Will the new feature, Knowledge Centre in the ISC ameliorate the SEO more than the article section

    Recently, the web master has introduced a novel feature, "Knowledge Centre" highlighted in the site combining the features of the "ask experts" and article sections. At present, this is in trial mode as per Tony sir's statement. Always a new idea incorporated in any business, application, or online portal will have pros and cons to be taken care of. Since I am still in the juvenile stage of SEO skills, I posted this thread with a doubt that the new section would ameliorate the traffic more than the article section especially.

    ISC is the platform that did ameliorate my writing skills, and this has fired my passion for writing and changed my passion to profession. To some extent, art of writing is influenced by some authors or channels, and I have been inspired too by the articles here in the ISC and started my journey of writing articles in this wonderful platform. When my debut article was published in the ISC I still cherish that moment of fulfilment and I felt the goosebumps, the sense of my neurons jumping around.

    I believe and wish the unique feature to be a success to this inspired platform. Yet, I am in favour of article section through which my potential and satisfaction as a writer is something that would be inexpressive. Moreover, a feel of pride that my perceptions/thoughts would reach the public to certain extent is something boundless.

    I am looking forward to constructive feedback in this regard from my fellow ISCians.

    This is my entry for the thread of the week contest on the topic ameliorate
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    There is no doubt that articles are the backbones of knowledge. People search for articles of their choice and get information on any topic or subject in good details. As there are large number of articles on the same topic and subject by various writers so by reading more and more article on the same subject one can get all the points related to that particular matter. The importance of articles is still there in online or offline and we use them from time to time.
    At the same time new trends are emerging in the internet and instead of going to the individual articles many times people just want to see the briefs on a particular topic and get ideas of many people on it at the same place and that is the premises from where the idea of topics started. The phenomenal success of websites like Quora and others is testimonial to this theory.
    I am happy to say that ISC is also entering that mode and just by glancing on the topics one can click it and get comments, observations, articles and everything related to that topic at the same place. This is definitely a good idea from the view of a reader or surfer.
    When a viewer is seeing information and knowledge elements from so many people he will start to have a comparative idea of thoughts on that topic and will be benefited in the quickest possible time. The individual author will not be dominating the scene as in past where a reader was focused in reading one article by one person at one time. So there is definitely a paradigm shift in the matter as we will be now giving our comments, observations, and even mini articles against certain topics but once this stabilizes and gets popular then I feel that views to this site might increase under this new pattern. That is what I wish and hope for.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I must appreciate the effort of Tony Sir for the new concept to be known as the knowledge centre. Though this is nascent at this stage but definitely attracts the attention of budding writers to put their views and ideas in this section.
    This has been formulated for the satisfaction of talented writers to put forth their ideas in the precise manners appearing just as mini articles and hope this new feature would gain popularity in the upcoming time where the writers could freely write their own ideas in the abbreviated form and this section might be storage of wonderful concepts of a given subject.
    Due to paucity of time, readers would not go in the different exhaustive articles available in the different areas but would prefer to have their opinions in this section to quench their appetite on a given subject.

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    Even now also we can write articles. But subject you can't choose. You can see the questions available in the knowledge centre section and make an article and place it there as a reply to that question. Now it will be easy for the author as there is no necessity for HTML tags etc. Based on your content and quality you will be awarded CC and points.
    Change is the way of life. Everything will be dynamic and we have to move with the moving world. As time passes we are seeing many changes everywhere. Even on the internet also we are seeing many new aspects. In that way, the proposed change will definitely bring improvement. We can see the views of different authors on the same subject. Earlier in the AskExperts section also many members are coming out with their answers. The same thing can be continued here.
    Anyhow as of now the article section and the Ask Expert section are available and you can contribute there also. Click on More available on the blue bar on the time and you will find these two sections there.

    always confident

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    What a wonderful thread for the contest Madam. Deserving all appreciations. I too had some instances in life like you mentioned that still I am indebted to ISC and its sister sites. Even though the payment was low those days, there was professionalism in their (the team led by Tony sir, Biju Cherian etc) approach. Taught a lot of writing skills, SEO and what not. Right now I too feel ISC is back on its track and in a hurry to change to its 5th gen gear. Feeling happy that I am also back home and contributing.
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    Discover the world with wondrous insight."

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    I think the new feature knowledge centre will catch more visitors. Our webmaster knows SEO and working for many years in this field. He has many sites and makes changes according to the situation and condition from time to time. He has made this change and I hope this will work and ameliorate SEO more than the article section.

    I think both are different sections, at the Knowledge centre, we have to post an answer to a topic like Quora it is just a mini-article. There is no limit to words. But in the article section, you have to post a full article of almost 500 words.

    But this feature will help the members of ISC who are not active in the article section but can now submit the answer in the Knowledge Centre.

    Honesty is the best policy.

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