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    Setting aside the alerts of elders

    I noticed in one hospital that 'no pregnant woman enter in to xray room'. This is the alert made by the hospital authorities through educated advisory group.
    In certain factories there are advised and training given in handling the materials, handling safety equipments.
    These are all not questioned by any one but I am surprised that why there are objections and questionings raised when our elders gives alerts etc., similar to pregnant women should not come out during eclipse and to certain places on certain occasions.
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    Our ancestors had a lot of wisdom and prudence and there are many things that they learnt from their observations and experiences and wanted to convey that to the next generation. They were quite successful in that as many people followed the ancient wisdom in their lives and forwarded it to their children. So everything went smoothly for quite some time but then suddenly the modern era started in which we had technological and scientific advancements which changed the whole scenario in the world and in many societies the earlier wisdom and knowledge was forgotten and new scientific and technological things were incorporated in that place.
    Due to this change in the world the children today do not see any merit or any good thing in the advices given by their elders. Though these advices are same as these were in those old times. This is an unfortunate turn but that is what had happened and will be well known like that in the history of mankind.
    Alerts given by elders in the family are still valid and very important but the problem is that we simply ignore then as we have become accustomed to our modern life.

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    There is a big change in the thought process of people. In earlier days, children never used to question their elders and whatever was instructed then was followed. The children were never asking for a reason or logic for the advice given by the elders. But now the system is changed. When an elderly man tells something. young people want to know the logic in the instruction. They will ask why it should be done in the way instructed by the other person. Elders should be able to explain that. Otherwise, they will ignore the instructions. So elders should do a lot of homework and find out the reasoning behind the instruction and educate the youth with that.
    If a pregnant woman goes into an X-ray room, the radiation from the equipment may affect the child inside. All the people know the problems with these radiations. But many people don't know that during an eclipse there are unwanted radiations coming on to the earth and that a pregnant woman may get affected by those radiations. So the elders should explain this to them and then people may not set them aside.

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    It is important to understand that different cultural beliefs and traditions have different views on what is considered to be safe or risky behaviour during pregnancy or other situations. Some beliefs and practices may be rooted in science, while others may not have a scientific basis but are still valued for their cultural or spiritual significance.

    In the case of the hospital policy on pregnant women and X-ray rooms, it is a standard medical precaution to minimize the risk of radiation exposure to the developing foetus. Similarly, safety protocols in factories are designed to prevent accidents and protect workers from harm.

    Regarding the beliefs and practices related to pregnancy and eclipses, it is important to recognize that they may not be based on scientific evidence. However, it is also important to respect and acknowledge the cultural and spiritual beliefs of different communities. These beliefs and practices may have been passed down through generations and hold great significance for those who hold them.

    In any case, it is important to balance respect for cultural traditions with a commitment to evidence-based decision-making when it comes to matters of health and safety.

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    We simply cannot say 'our elders words have no scientific proof etc,' as it is difficult to you to explain all questions raised by your five years old boy or girl. A doctor in an hospital says many pathological words, we believe his word though we are not familiar by considering his level. Similar to that if we setting aside our elders words loss is to us only.

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    When someone is saying to follow something, irrespective of the age of the instructor, there must be a reason behind it. There is no point in thinking since it is said by elders young ones have to follow it. Why one should not question another person if she/he is unable to find the logic behind the instruction? Everyone may not be familiar with the terms the doctor is saying but that should not stop someone to ask questions of the doctors to clarify their doubts. Unless the doubts are clarified one must ask questions, no matter whether the other person is a senior or junior. Unless one asks questions one will never know.

    In the thread, the author talked about the eclipse. I think the author may have also heard from his seniors about the reason behind the eclipse. Very senior people used to say that eclipse takes place because of demons devouring the Sun or Moon. Someone must have asked for an explanation and may have also been severely criticized or punished for asking the question but ultimately we got to know why the eclipse takes place. It is only because of asking questions and not because of simply following the instruction of the elders. Whether it is logical or not comes later. First, one has to explain some action/instruction and unless it is there alerts and warnings may be overlooked.


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