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    Ameliorate but with due diligence and pondering

    In our lives there are many areas where we require improvement. There is tough competition everywhere around us and if we do not improve then we lose the fight. But for getting improvement we have to work hard and persistently pursue our goals and objectives in our lives. Both the things our goals and path to achieve them are important. Then one thing which is also very important in this matter is that the steps that we take for getting success should be based on hard work, proper thinking, and taking correct decisions in our journey of struggle in our lives. Our steps should be based on due diligence and thorough pondering about the matters in hand and take corrective decisions and create constructive mindset for getting that elusive success in our lives.
    When we try to improve ourself then sometime errors are bound to be happening in the process of improving and we have to learn from those mistakes and setbacks and should take corrective actions for not repeating them again and again. Experience gained in any process is to be suitably utilised in the subsequent efforts for improvement.
    There is need to ameliorate many things which create problems and retardations in our pursuit for betterment but that is to be done wisely and in a prudent way so that desired favourable results are obtained.

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    Growth is desired by everyone. All want to grow. How to grow and what path one should adopt for growth should be thought and decided by the individual. As an individual, I will have my strong points and weak points. So, I have to make my road map for my growth. While doing that one should not deviate from ethics and values. Growing up by following wrong practices may not be a good trait. But these days we are seeing many people who never bother about the path they follow but want to grow only.
    There is no substitute for hard work in our lives. Nobody will bring the peeled fruit to you to eat. So your efforts should be in proportion to the growth you are aiming for or anticipating. One should think about the area where he wanted to work and put in 100% effort there so that he can yield good returns for his hard work. One should enrich himself with the required skills so that the anticipated growth can be achieved.

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    Growth is our ultimate pursuit but how best the same can be achieved has to be conceived in ourselves. That needs a rational plan to achieve it and for that we can log down all the probable ways be used to achieve the goals. Care has to be taken that we should not deviate from our original plans already thought of through unfair routes. Sometimes we might be tempted to go in through the path not permitted by the ethical values but that should not be treated as a justifiable approach.
    While pursuing our goals, we must be clear the ways of achieving our ultimate plans as noted down in our our roadmaps. Efforts need to be exerted according to our plans and in this process we could foresee the next step required to complete the whole task under our hands. In this process, some confusion relating to achieving the growth might come up, but the same can be resolved through the consultation of an experienced guide or even some manuals might be referred to accomplish our goals.

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