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    Amelioration must be the essence

    Whatever may be the situation you are in you are looking for an improvement. Whether it's related to your career or in terms of personal gains we focus on how to become better every day. Remember your writing skills when you joined ISC? I am sure if you have not joined ISC as a professional writer, you have improved a lot through regular contributions. Well, that has to be the ideal case where we improve with practice. It is not something magical that happens overnight but happens gradually. The interesting part is taking note of the improvements daily and continuing with the same enthusiasm. Small improvements, if happen regularly, will result in a big change after some time and it can be compared with small investments made periodically to accumulate a fund required for future use. We all wish to improve but some people cannot improve because they wish to improve overnight without thinking of small improvements daily.

    Have a concern for the daily improvements and celebrate it. In this case, there is no need to celebrate with friends but celebrate yourself with the thought that you will do it better tomorrow. The essence of amelioration must be there in you which ultimately helps you to become a better version.

    This is an entry to the TOW contest
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    Even an ocean is also a collection of water droplets. 100 paise will make a rupee. So incremental growth need not be ignored. How an ant accumulates food we all might have noticed. So never expect windfalls. Go on accumulating and oneday it will appear big.
    Whether we are improving or not is important. How much is the next point the important point is an improvement. A person who joined as a clerk will not become a manager in one step. Expecting exponential growth is Ok but ignoring chances for marginal growth is not correct.
    Be happy always with the growth you are getting and enjoy the same. Instead of worrying about the things that are not happening enjoy the smaller betterment and make it a continuous practice to grow.

    always confident

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