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    What was your favourite subject during your school or college days?

    We study so many subjects but generally some of the subjects will fascinate us much while we would not give much time for the other ones. This will of coarse differ from individual to individual depending on the interest and liking in a particular subject.
    In my case since my high school stage I started having interest in mathematics subject and it gradually grew till I reached my undergraduate course which I did by taking the subjects - Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. So, I gave more time to mathematics and it was obvious that I could get good marks in that followed by Physics and Chemistry.
    What was your favourite subject during your school or college days? Please share.
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    During my tenth standard we were asked to opt one subject beside Language,English, Maths, Science and social studies. I have been forced rather than asked by my paternal uncle to take Chemistry, but I took Algebra &Geometry. Though I got poor marks in first term test, I obtained good marks later. During my PU admission also in spite of a great pressure, I could not Maths Physics Chemistry group but got Maths Logic and Commerce group.

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    Mathematics was my favourite subject when I was in upper primary school. But when I came to the high school level I started liking the Telugu language also in addition to mathematics. I for very good marks in these two subjects in 1oth class. Then I joined the Intermediate in Mathematics and Physical Sciences, group. In Intermediate, our chemistry was a fresh PG from University and we are his first batch of students. He used to treat us very friendly. His teaching and his selective treatment towards me made me like chemistry.
    One of my father's cousins did his PG in Chemistry and he was in a good position when I was doing my intermediate. These two persons made me get interested in chemistry. That is why I continued studying chemistry in my UG, PG and PhD also. My liking for chemistry made me select a job in chemistry-related field and even today I have a fancy for chemistry.

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    I had a great fascination for Mathematics since the beginning of career in school and this subject appeared to me so fascinating that my entire attention was limited to this subject only. However with the intervention of my parents and teachers, that attitude was corrected and slowly I began liking of other subjects such as English, Chemistry and Physics.
    Once I reached to the class ten level, my passion for Physics, too, had reached to the peak level since this subject has the intense connection with Mathematics to support the theories of various inventions.
    In the college life, I took up Mathematics ( Honours) with the special paper of Electricity and Magnetism included in Mathematics though the same subject relate to Physics. However I felt the fine amalgamation of the two subjects at the advanced level and by virtue of this fine matrix, I have the admiration of both the papers and this passion has not died down as yet.

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    Science was my favourite subject in school. I used to read science books and science news above and apart my school syllabus. In college I selected Science group and the graduated with Chemistry Main.

    My childhood dream was to become a scientist. So after graduating I was lucky to join a premier scientific research institution. Though, due to priorities and necessities f life I had to change my job from there, I still keep a scientific temper and always interested to know about the various developments in science and scientific applications. Having a scientific temper and attitude has helped me a lot in my life.

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    So far the members who have responded this post were having interests in Science or Mathematics.
    Anyone having interests in arts or humanities or any other subject? PLease share.

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    Physics is a fascinating subject that deals with the fundamental principles of nature and the universe. It allows us to understand how the world around us works, from the smallest particles to the largest structures in the universe. Many people find physics to be intellectually stimulating, challenging, and rewarding. It also has practical applications in fields such as engineering, medicine, and technology.

    Here is my poem dedication to my fav subject!

    "While physics may seem cold and stark,
    It's got a heat that lights a spark.
    Its laws of motion and energy flow,
    Make me tingle, head to toe"

    "Unlock the treasure trove of knowledge's delight,
    Discover the world with wondrous insight."

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