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    Anger and frustration, if not managed properly, may give rise to many problems.

    There are many reasons for anger and frustration among people nowadays. Lifestyle has completely changed and peaceful means of living have vanished. Excessive use of social media has made life under pressure and increased stress in societies. Unemployment is one of the major reasons for frustration these days among youth, therefore, they take extreme steps, at times to either get involved in drug peddling menace or end their life. If we look at the current scenario of the country, almost every individual looks angry and frustrated. There is no peace of mind and people are frustrated with their daily life problems which give rise to problems. My point here is that managing anger is a crucial skill and need of the hour as we are heading towards an uncertain future. If people fail to mage stress and anger, it can destroy families. Anger is manageable if people think sensible and do not get swayed by emotions. A recent minor killing in Kashmir has devastated and bruised human souls. A brawl between husband and wife ends up father killing his minor daughter! This is shocking! Many incidents are coming to the fore and one is just shocked to see all these things unfolding. Hold on, take a deep breath and shed your anger and frustration.
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    Your anger is your enemy and it can spoil your life. So one should be able to manage their anger properly. All human beings will have emotions and sometimes we will get angry also. At that time we can't think properly and the chances of doing many mistakes will be there. So when we are angry, we should take pause. We should try to maintain silence and start thinking about some other topic. Otherwise, start reading some fiction story books so that your mind will get diverted and you will start thinking about the story you are reading.
    Sometimes we feel that we should punish the other person who is responsible for our anger. But we should not go for that immediately. So reserve your anger and wait for a proper time. When the time comes you can give back sufficiently to the person who made you angry. This is the technic many people use.

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    Anger is not going to provide any solution but on the other hand, animosity and hatred will multiply further. There are different ways to vent this emotions and one of the best ways for the time being is to keep mum. This break will offer time to the affected people to explore ways how he can go ahead with his efforts providing success.
    May be for the time being one might get hurt by the rough behaviour of other man behaving such a irresponsible way, but still a little pause is still better so that we can finally come across a concrete plan to tackle unwanted angers.

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    Anger and frustration are natural attributes in human lives but when we come under their spell then we get excited and harm ourselves in most of the cases. Our ancient saints and scholars advocated keeping these attributes under control in every situation. It is said and believed by many that this can be achieved through yoga and meditation.
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    It has happened to me many times.
    Anger is need to be controlled. But in many situations the people around us doing abnormal things against nature/routine and made us to anger. That anger too come in us on their doing even after our polite intimation on their action.
    This expose of anger gives a 'good' for us as 'angry bird' and they spread to others that 'he/she is always fault finding' but they do not correct themselves.
    If it is outsider or not directly connected to us we can leave that matter as it is but if the concerned are our relatives or close persons, with a slight worry we are in the position to indicate. But being an elder in the house we cannot keep 'mum' on seeing such erratic actions, of course some others are doing so.
    As told by our friends we can control the anger and frustration through meditation.

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