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    Many things in life are uncertain and indefinite

    Life is full of unpredictable events and circumstances that can arise at any moment, and it can be difficult to know exactly what the future holds.
    However, it is also important to remember that there are certain things in life that are definite and predictable. For example, we can be certain that the sun will rise each day and that the laws of physics will continue to operate as they always have. We can also be certain that we will face challenges and obstacles in life, but we can work to overcome them and grow from our experiences.
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    That is very true. Everything going to happen in future is unknown, unseen, and sometimes surprising. No one can predict it. That is why people define it with fate or destiny which itself is a mysterious element.
    The only solution is we have to live in present and do our best and forget about what will happen tomorrow.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Correct. Time and tide wait for none. Things will be happening and time will be moving. How we manage our time and how we look at the happenings is our prerogative. If we sit on the seashore and think of taking bath once the waves stop, we can't take our bath at any time. One should not wait for a peaceful time. Manage the situation and go on further. That should be the motive for all of us.
    Obstacles will come. A straight-line ECG indicates that the person is no more. That means no problems and no obstacles mean there is no life. So face the problems. sort out them and move forward. Sometimes we may find it difficult. Even then we should not lose hope and we should not stop our attempts.
    We should not think that we are helpless. We will have the blessings of the Almighty always. Remember Him and go on doing your work.

    always confident

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    Nothing is predictable in life and differing our planning for the opportune period would be a kind of folly on our part. May be we might not be satisfied with our preparations for the current examination and might think of dropping the same for better scorings for the next time. But who knows what is written our fate in our next phase. Hence waiting for the right period for a task to be done never comes. We have to manage the situation every moment and need to proceed for our assignments with all positivities to get through.
    If we have the spirit of going ahead in our mission, it must not be delayed for the opportune period.

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    The author is right. Almost all the things are going to happen beyond our planning or expectations or predictions. This sometimes frustrate us to predict. However, the planning should be done whether we attain it or not, but the planning should be justifiable and normal beyond the impossibility.
    That is what one spiritual scholar told that the present happening is a present given by the God or Almighty and we have to leave the next minute or hour to the God or Almighty for a better effect.

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