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    The respected High Court Judge has clearly stated

    We, the lesser mortals, know this very clearly. We don't have any doubt in this regard.

    But the respected Judge of the Madras High Court has not hesitated. He has clearly stated this. Madras High Court Judge, GR Swaminathan, has stated that the Constitution of India will no longer be in effect if the 'demographic profile' of the country as it was at the time the Constitution was created, changes. On last Sunday, he stated that the Constitution will endure as long as individuals 'who are under the Indian tradition and dharma' did not change their affiliation.

    On last Sunday, Justice Swaminathan said in a book-release event at Chennai: "The Constitution written by BR Ambedkar. But if the Constitution has to be the same forever, I know it is unfortunate to say this, the demographic profile at the time of Constitutional formation is also to be maintained the same. If the demographic profile is altered, the Constitution ceases to exist. So if the Constitution has to be there forever means the demographic profile also should remain the same. If that is to happen, people who follow the Indian tradition and the Indian Dharma should remain in the same tradition. Then only it will be protected."

    The respected Judge finally stated that as a judge, he is unable to speak any further on the subject and hoped that people understood him.

    What is your opinion? Do you think if the demographic profile is altered, India's Constitution will cease to exist?
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    Our constitution is also being changed time and again by our rulers as required. So when there is a change in the Demography country, the constitution should also be changed as deemed fit. The constitution will not cease to exist but the concerned authorities should do the required changes.
    Constitution is the constitution and it should be followed, I feel. If there is something which requires to be modified should be discussed among all the elected representatives and they should implement it once the proposal got approval. But these should be in the right direction and for the progress of the country. But there should not be any other considerations in this I feel.
    Justice Swaminathan mentioned a similar opinion in one of his judgements also earlier. He also said in a book-release event in Chennai that the citizens should understand the dangers in the present society.

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    Our constitution is subject to change if there is a need to review the same. However, that calls for the serious review and needs to discussed before parliament to know the reaction of members of both Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha and depending upon the reactions of member, suitable amendment in that context is done and approved finally by the president.
    However amendments are to be done in the right spirit for the governance of the country and this must be understood by our public.
    Justice Swaminathan has clearly stated that they should understand the critical dangers and they need to refrain from such dangers.

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    Constitution is a framework under which a country operates. It is similar to the rules, regulations, and policies in an organisation under which organisation runs and follows them strictly. Whenever there is a change in any respect then constitution or rules and regulations are to be suitable modified to avoid any chaos and disorder. So if we make a rule and then make another rule that the first rule will never be changed then the second rule becomes incorrect.
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    As far as I understand, the respected Justice talked about the basic nature of the Constitution, and not about any normal amendment (change). He meant that if the demographic profile of the country is altered, the basic structure of the Constitution will be changed.

    We must properly understand the importance of his speech at the book-release function in Chennai.

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    I don't understand how the Judge could say that the 'Constitution would cease to exist or will lose its relevance if the demographic profile of this Country is allowed to change from what it was when the Constitution was framed'? I mean, can anyone across the world expect to have the same demographic profile of any place after a few years. I think it is bound to change. I think the point being tried to be highlighted is the one he told about 'religious traditions and dharma'. I am quite surprised that he, as a Judicial officer, could make such a statement outside the Court in a public function. Hope he is not retiring soon.
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    Alas! Some people never understand.
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    Yes, I don't want to understand things the way people like you want me to understand. And let it be so.
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    "Hope he is not retiring soon." (#772351)---------

    Isn't this an classic example of insinuation? And that too against a sitting High Court Judge. Who knows?

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    Let me provide my perspective on the issue.

    Firstly, it is important to note that the Constitution of India is a living (breathing) document, and it has been amended several times since its inception to reflect changing times and societal realities. Secondly, the Constitution of India is not dependent on the demographic profile of the country, but on the principles of justice, equality, liberty, and fraternity enshrined in it. These principles are universal and are not linked to any particular demographic profile.

    It is also important to understand that India is a diverse country with people from different religions, castes, and cultures. The Constitution of India guarantees equal rights and opportunities to all citizens irrespective of their demographic profile. The Constitution is designed to protect the rights of all individuals, and any attempt to alter the demographic profile of the country would be unconstitutional and violate the principles of the Constitution.

    Therefore, it is not accurate to say that the Constitution of India will cease to exist if the demographic profile of the country changes. The Constitution of India is a robust document that has stood the test of time and has been the foundation of India's democracy and progress. It will continue to endure as long as the principles and values enshrined in it are upheld and protected.

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    As far as I know, Indian Constitution has been amended 106 times till date. I may be slightly inaccurate as I am writing without checking the fact with Google-chacha.

    On this ground, many people call for complete change of the Constitution like what many other countries like Russia, Pakistan, etc. have done. The demand may not be bereft of logic.

    The Judge has only stated that if the demographic profile of the country is drastically altered, then the present Constitution will definitely be changed and the new one may not be fully acceptable to the present-day liberals.

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