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    Happy Easter Greetings on this wonderful Sunday!

    Let us convey our warm wishes to all to joyously celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is a very special day of hope, love, and joy. Let us spread these in plenty and continue to maintain the bonds of harmony with the different communities to keep strong the threads of the social fabric.

    Happy Easter everyone!
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    Happy Easter to all the members of ISC. Let us be always hopeful and spread love and joy to all other fellow human beings irrespective of their caste. religion etc. One should remember that we are all basically human beings and let us not go away from being humane.
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    This Easter Sunday, may the resurrection of Jesus Christ fill your life and home with new hope, happiness, prosperity, and abundance, all of which have been received through God's divine grace. Happy Easter. May the resurrection of Jesus Christ bring hope, love, and peace to your heart.

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    Happy Easter! As someone who studied in a missionary school, you likely have fond memories of celebrating Easter by attending church services and offering prayers to Jesus. Good Friday commemorates Jesus' crucifixion, while Easter celebrates his resurrection. It is indeed a day of great joy and celebration.
    Let us remember Jesus' message of love and harmony, and strive to live our lives in accordance with his teachings. May this Easter season bring peace and blessings to you and your loved ones.

    Service to mankind is service to God.

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    Hope all our forum members had a happy & peaceful Easter!
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    Happy Easter to all the members of ISC family and I wish everyone a cordial and harmonious time during these Easter celebrations. In every religion there are many such festive occasions in a year and Christianity is no exception. Let us join with all the devotees of the world during this Easter celebration.
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    Belated Easter Greetings to all at ISC!
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    Happy Easter to all the members of ISC.

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    Wishing everyone in ISC and viewers ....HAPPY EASTER 2023
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    Belated Easter greetings!

    My apologies for the late Easter wishes, but I hope you had a lovely day surrounded by family and friends. May the spirit of Easter continue to fill your heart with hope and new beginnings?

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    A Belated Happy Easter to all in the ISC family! Let the spirit remain intact with a hope for a better tomorrow.

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