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    Increasing trend of online business - boon or bane?

    I am seeing recently many advertisements selling many items online. With mere credit or debit cards, we can buy anything at any time. This is one way good but at the same time, the painful one in this is there are fake sellers also.

    Medicine, hospitals, lodges, home need items, food items, like this irrespectively we are seeing advertisements through the media especially in our hand mobiles.
    This is, we can welcome, a good one for really wanted people that is old age people, persons with sick people in the house unable to move out. But if the same is exploited by fake persons, the pain is intolerable.

    As far as food items online purchase is somewhat costlier and in such cases we can avail of the services of food vendors in our local area. For this, they can forward messages through Whats App and receive orders.
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    Online marketing can be both a boon and a bane, depending on the perspective and the context. Here are some points to consider:
    Online marketing provides a vast platform for businesses, including NGOs, to reach out to a global audience and promote their products or services.
    It offers convenience and accessibility to customers, who can shop from the comfort of their homes and compare prices and quality easily.
    Online marketing can help small businesses and entrepreneurs to reduce the cost of overheads, such as rent, utilities, and staff, and reach a wider audience without geographical limitations.
    It enables NGOs and social enterprises to showcase their products and programs to a larger audience, which can lead to more funding and support for their cause.
    Online marketing can offer a level playing field for small businesses and startups to compete with established brands and companies, based on the quality and uniqueness of their products or services.
    Online marketing can be a double-edged sword for businesses, as it can also lead to cut-throat competition and price wars, where the emphasis is on the lowest price rather than the quality or value of the product.
    It can lead to the commoditization of products, where customers only see them as interchangeable items with no distinctive features or benefits.
    Online marketing can create a trust deficit between customers and sellers, especially when the product images or descriptions are misleading or inaccurate, leading to dissatisfied customers and negative reviews.
    It can also increase the risk of fraud, cyber attacks, and data breaches, which can damage the reputation and credibility of businesses and their customers.
    Online marketing may not be suitable for all types of products or services, especially those that require personal interaction or customization, such as counseling, coaching, or healthcare.
    In summary, online marketing can be a powerful tool for businesses and NGOs to reach out to a wider audience,on the other hand it is tough to get orders because competition is too much.

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    Online business is certainly boon for the people having constraints in their timings due to their engagements professionally or otherwise. If such is the situation, the customers can make online orders from the reputed firms to get back the desired product with the varied options of payments. In the busy lives of customers, it could prove to the one of the best options.
    However, it is not a risk free business when we get inferior materials and the firms might not entertain such complaints.
    Hence the customers need to ensure that orders are placed in the reputed firms taking care of the delivery of the customers within the scheduled time frame apart from the genuine materials as booked by the customers.
    However some distinguished firms like Amazon, Flipkart, Reliance stores etc are reliable in their services taking care of return of deliveries in case of dissatisfaction of the customers. In that way, they are raising their profits substantially taking the customer's confidence.

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    Online purchase of some items is not a problem. But the purchase of items like clothes etc. is causing problems sometimes. I faced this problem twice or thrice when I ordered some T-shirts online. The items delivered are entirely different from what they have shown on the site. I returned the material. I have got my money back. But I have lost time in this bargain.
    One way online shopping is good. We need not move out of our house. That will save some petrol or diesel. We will not waste our time commuting. Another observation I made is that the rates are a little cheaper for online purchases. I have noted even a 10% difference in the prices of some of the items.
    We should decide whether to go shopping or order online based on the material only. We can't generalise the issue, I feel.

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    Like every other matter, there are pros and cons for online business also.

    While doing online shopping also we have to be prudent and have to exercise prudence, commonsense and take normal precaution to reduce the instances of cheating or other way of damages and loss. We may be exploited and cheated even by traditional offline business too.
    A recent such incidence had happened to me. I had ordered items at a particular shop at a trade exhibition sales conducted by a locally reputed Newspaper house.

    It was one A R Maketing, Hyderabad who were offering 3 pants stitched as per measurement taken . I ordered for 3 pants for my son and selected the cloth as per sample and chart and gave his pants measurement. The required amount was given by digital payments and they gave a 'bill' for that with due date noted in it falling after two weeks. As the item was no received on or after two days after due date, I tried to contact them on the phone number given in the bill. But no one answered and the recorded message was' the phone was 'out of coverage area'. or 'the customer is not answering'. Then getting doubtful, I sent a strong SMS warning police complaint. For this someone called me back and told that he was hospitalized and just discharged and promised to dispatch the item within a week. That also did not happen and I he never answered my phone calls/message. At this, I sent a complaint to the trade organizers about the matter. They replied that they had contacted their liaison person and he will be taking steps to solve the issue. After a few reminders I got one pants. The other two are still remaining. Again I was not able get the phone number which they gave on the courier packet. Again, I wrote to the Trade exhibition organisers and they also have not responded now.
    It is now more that 3 months and my money is lying with them. I feel it is a clear case of cheating, mainly because no one is responding.

    Now what will you say in this matter?

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