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    I feel life is not complete if there is no education

    We are living in a competitive world. Sustaining and continuing life without any problems is becoming very difficult. Day in and Day out we face problems from unexpected sources. Only people with some wisdom and understanding can only face these problems. We all know that education enhances our wisdom. Education makes us understand many issues in a logical way.

    Education teaches us many life skills. These skills will become handy to solve our problems which will make our life happy and hence I feel life is not complete if there is no education. Do you agree?
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    The question raised by the author is very apt and valuable. We have many jobs for which we have not acquired any education. But doing the same in the same way without formal education is satisfying us since the end results are quite amazing. However, receiving some education on the same subject could make the same job more valuable since we might get solutions for some unresolved doubts.

    The more we learn skills, the better. Initially, I was hesitant to cook the nonvegetarian items thinking that going in this line would be nothing but a waste of time. However, I started the same half-heartedly and later I acquired the requisite skills in the preparations of such non-vegetarian items with the reference of books. The end result is quite amazing.

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    Humans are bestowed with a high level of consciousness in the animal world and that is the reason why education can be imparted on the human being. In fact, education makes a person more knowledgeable and inculcates analytical and rational abilities to understand things and learn various skills. Without education a person will be like a raw diamond and would be a dull entity.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Dr Rao, it would be nice if you could explain what you mean by education. We have a cat at home that runs away on hearing the dog's cage being opened. Don't you think that is education too?
    'Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all'.

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    Education is a must for every person. An educated person can be identified by his behaviour, characteristics, speaking, etc. Education doesn't mean having a degree. To the new things and to do the work accordingly may be defined as education.

    Skills are the tools to overcome problems. All persons, educated or uneducated, have some skills and the knowledge to solve the problems in their field.

    I agree with the author that every person must be educated and it is a must thing in life.

    Honesty is the best policy.

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    Even if we are very rich with countless money, we should get educated at least to the level of counting money. Once I saw an old man, probably uneducated, give a two hundred rupee note to the shop person by believing it was twenty rupees. Then I make him understand that he has given two hundred rupees note instead of twenty rupees. Basically, education is needed for everyone and by keeping this in mind our earlier Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Mr. Kamaraj introduced in the state free education to all primary schools and later introduced free noon meals also in the schools so as to avoid dropping due to food problems. He was a person well understood the value of education. Subsequently, later Chief Minister M. G. Ramachandran re-introduced this during his tenure.

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    A cat running away on hearing the dog's voice is also an education but that education is what a cat learns from its elders. But some cats may have to face problems which are not faced by their elders. Instead of running away from those problems, learning the ways and means of facing and coming out successfully is what education, I feel. Of course, I may not be correct. A correct answer from learned members is solicited.
    always confident

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