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    What will humans do, if AI (Artificial Intelligence) eats away most of our jobs?

    I was reading an article about ChatGPT and AI recently and its impact on the future job market. It mentioned that AI can do about 50% of the current jobs with better accuracy in comparison to humans. Also, they mentioned that as technology develops, AI will be able to do most of the jobs in the future. It means jobs that are repetitive and doesn't require special skills will be easily done by AI bots in the future and only those work that requires human empathy like a Nurse job or a Psychologist will never be replaced by AI.

    I don't know how will people survive if anything like this happens. I think not everyone has the skills to get jobs related to AI which is mostly technical job. If AI creates jobs it will be related to the technical field. What will people from non-technical backgrounds do? It is certainly a very dangerous sign for humanity.
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    AI is developing at a fast pace and emerging as a future technology. In this situation, we cannot avoid AI being responsible for reducing the number of jobs for human beings. This is going to happen and is inevitable.
    Long back I read one science fiction fantasy where there were no jobs for human beings because everything was AI and under robotic control. The World Federation devised innovative ways to create jobs for the people and most of the people did not know that they were doing the created jobs and not the genuine jobs but they were happy that at least they were engaged in something.
    Scientific and technological progress has its pros and cons and the AI situation emerging now will be a challenge for human survival in the future because if there are no jobs and people are not engaged then their mental faculties as well as physical conditions would deteriorate and they will be slaves of AI and robots.

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    Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) may be a great technical advancement but the problems it is likely to pose for mankind seem to be very dangerous. Mr. Geoffrey Hinton called the Godfather of AI recently resigned from Google. He wants to devote his time to warning people about the dangers of AI. According to him, AI can harm humanity.

    First and foremost is the loss of jobs to many which may cause economic disturbance to many people. AI is likely to surpass human intelligence in the coming days. When AI machines become smarter than humans, they may be used for manipulation and improper use.

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    True. AI is an atom bomb. That is what somebody described. I don't know the name of the person who said it, but I feel he is correct. Many jobs that require human interface as of now, may be taken care of by these robots.
    What turn it is going to take is not known. When there is a decrease in the number of jobs, many people will become jobless. Some jobs may be there in making AI ready for taking up the job. But the numbers may be very less.
    As mentioned by the author certain jobs are to be carried out by humans only. Additional jobs are to be created to see that humans will have some way of earning. People will have more free time and many people may become political leaders and many new parties may crop up.
    Definitely, many financial problems will crop up and for many people earning a livelihood will become a very big issue.

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    It is important to remember that while AI may automate certain jobs, it cannot replace the unique abilities and skills that humans possess. Humans have the ability to adapt to changing situations, think creatively, and form interpersonal connections that machines cannot replicate. Therefore, it is likely that there will always be a need for human workers in some capacity, even as AI becomes more advanced.
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