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    Posting responses to old threads allowed now!


    We are making a strategy shift. We used to restrict responding to old threads in the Forum and Ask Experts sections. It is no longer applicable now.

    You can respond to any old threads as long as the thread is still relevant.

    However, please avoid responding to threads that are not relevant currently. For example, if there is a thread that talks about an incident that happened 5 years ago, it may not be relevant to pull that thread now. Also, there is no point in reopening a thread congratulating a winner of an old contest.

    So, use your best judgment, and feel free to contribute more content in your favorite threads.
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    I welcome this decision with open arms. This was really necessary to rejuvenate India Study Channel.
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    I think it will have a good impact. Repetition of the same threads may not crop up with this decision. Members should use their best judgement regarding pull to not pull an old thread for posting our ideas on that thread. It is a welcome decision.
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    Some of the old threads are evergreen in their nature and require more and more discussions and deep analysis. I think we can find out some which have some scope of adding more points and that also new points. Moreover, those type of threads can also attract traffic to them benefitting all of us. So, members can use their wisdom to find and revitalize those threads. All the best.
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    Many thanks to webmaster. We all know very well about the WM and his intension in ISC as ISC meant for knowledge sharing than anything and WM knows well that there may be different or new views on the old threads.

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    Though some threads might be old but the contents therein could appeal to some of readers. If the restriction is relaxed according to the latest announcement of the webmaster, it would provide immense pleasures to some of members. However, they need to see how relevant it might be by dragging the old threads. If the contents are related to some educational sites or some threads in ISC providing exciting informations in relation to knowledge, they can be utilised for further discussions.
    The webmaster has taken a welcome decision in this regard.

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    I welcome this policy shift. I also accept the If and but conditions needed in this regard. It can make members a bit more at ease and productive.

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    Congratulations everyone on making the strategic shift to allow responding to old threads in Forum and Ask Experts sections!

    Thank you Tony Sir!

    This decision shows a commitment to improving the user experience and creating a more vibrant and engaging community. Allowing users to respond to old threads provides a wealth of valuable information and insights that might otherwise be lost. It also encourages ongoing dialogue and discussion, which can help build a stronger and more cohesive community. In my opinion, this decision is a great step forward that will benefit both users and the ISC platform as a whole.

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    The commitment to enhancing user experience and fostering a vibrant community is evident in this decision. Allowing users to engage with older threads preserves valuable information and insights that might otherwise be overlooked. This move not only encourages ongoing dialogue but also contributes to building a more robust and cohesive community. In my view, it's a positive step forward that will prove advantageous for both users and the overall ISC platform.

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