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    Two Bihari girls secured First and Second positions in UPSC Exam

    Congratulations on the achievement of the two Bihari girls who secured the first and second positions in the UPSC! It's indeed a proud moment for Bihar and a testament to the talent and hard work of the students from the state.

    It's unfortunate that some individuals hold biased opinions and stereotypes about certain regions or states. Bihar, like any other state in India, has its own set of challenges and achievements. While it may have faced some socio-economic issues in the past, it would be unfair to generalize and label the entire state as backward or lacking in education.

    Bihar has made significant progress in recent years, especially in the field of education. The state government has taken various initiatives to improve the quality of education and increase access to schooling for its residents. There has been a notable increase in literacy rates, and Bihar has produced several successful professionals, entrepreneurs, and scholars across various fields.

    The achievement of these two Bihari girls in the highly competitive UPSC exam is a shining example of the talent and potential that exists in Bihar. It proves that with the right opportunities, support, and determination, individuals from any background can excel and achieve great heights.

    It's important to challenge and debunk stereotypes by highlighting the accomplishments and positive aspects of a region. The success of these girls serves as a strong reply to those who doubted the educational capabilities of Bihar. It's a testament to the resilience and hard work of the people of Bihar, who continue to strive for excellence despite any challenges they may face.

    By sharing the achievements and success stories from Bihar, you can help change perceptions and promote a more balanced and positive image of the state.
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    Let us not be guided by the fact that youngsters of Bihar are normally the people of hesitant types and are deficient in the communication skills. They might be hesitant to some extent initially but as the time progresses, in most of times they can exhibit their true capabilities.
    If the members on the Board are supportive enough mincing some kind words, it could further ease their stress and can shed their inner inertia of ambiguities. Once the momentum picks up, they participate in the ongoing discussion exhibiting their talents and wisdom in the different aspects of talks.
    However, the same thing is applicable to all the aspirants irrespective of communities and class they belong to.
    The success of the two Bihari Girls as indicated in her forum post might be due to the combination of innumerable plus points such as their patience, tolerance, determination and support of their families to achieve the coveted status. As far as I think, success rate multiplies with the constant encouragement of parents and hence they should not lag behind in uplifting the moods of their children having taken up the tasks of cracking this tough examination.

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    It is very good to note that two girls from Bihar stood first in UPSC. Bihar citizens are doing well these days and we should appreciate the girls for their concentrated efforts for being successful in their endeavour.
    In many states these days we are hearing that girls are doing much better than gents. These results also prove the same. It is not the state or the gender which plays an important role in success. The individual's efforts, concentration and focus are the issues that play a vital role in success.
    of late Girls are becoming more responsible and taking everything as a challenge and getting success. That is why they are occupying very important positions in various organisations and other institutions also.
    Earlier Bihar was a backward state and many people from Bihar come to the South and work hers. But now there is a change I think and people are doing good there also.

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    While I congratulate the two girls who secured positions I would also like to mention that talent is there in every state and every region. The thing is to nurture the talent.

    The perception of people about a specific state/region depends on many factors and with time perceptions do change. Even if any state is tagged backwards, with proper initiative from the government in power the state will be able to progress rapidly. When there is progress everywhere all around the state people will acknowledge it and will appreciate the state. Improvement in the education sector helps to bring changes to all the other sectors quickly and hence improving the quality of education in every state must be the priority of the government there.


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