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    How to earn money?

    Good evening.

    This side Vansh. I have a query- how will I be able to make money through publishing question papers?
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    Vansh Verma,

    Welcome to ISC. Note that we are no longer accepting submissions of question papers. If you are really keen to contribute content to our site, then please see all the red-pinned threads at the top of the forum, especially the comprehensive guide for new members, the Sectionwise FAQs and Guidelines, and the Help Topics. Also, note that we are focusing on a new niche on academics.

    Let us know if you require further guidance.

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    "How to earn money?"----------That's a million-dollar question! Almost all of us are trying to find the reply to this question. You also engage yourself in this activity.
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    Welcome, Vansh to this learn and earn site.
    Earning money. I think the author is interested in knowing the way of earning money by posting some old question papers on this site. Already it was made clear that no old question papers are accepted now.
    The author can go through the site and understand the areas where there are chances for earning money and explore those areas so that he may earn money through this site.

    always confident

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    Welcome to this Education portal!

    Your Question is how to earn money. I attach the words "from ISC website" to answer your question.

    1. Question paper : Vandana mam has already clarified that question paper submission is no longer supported as a way to earn here.

    2. Knowledge Centre: You can contribute valid information in your own words as a part of answers to the question / topics in Knowledge center section.

    3. Forum : You can express your opinion by participating in the Forum section in form of question answer and group discussion. The points you earn in forum section will help you reach Gold Level.

    4. Adsense revenue share: Once you reach Gold level you can attach your Google adsense account with ISC for a chance to get ADSENSE revenue from the advertisements published on the content you write in the various sections of

    I hope my answer gives you a clear idea of what you are supposed to do and how you are supposed to contribute in ISC for earning from this site.

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    Welcome to this portal and if you have an interest in creative writing and writing educational content then you are at the right place.
    The best thing here is whatever you contribute would be checked by the editors and if it is not up to the standards then you will be advised to correct and resubmit the same. So the main attraction of this site is that there is an element of learning which would help you in improving your write-ups and contributions. Once your contributions are approved and published then they become eligible for the revenue as per the revenue model and policies of this site. You can go through that through the help section or various posts about rules and regulations.
    It takes some time to reach that level where a continuous stream of revenue is earned by the member but if you have an interest in writing then I strongly feel that you can make it in a short span.
    Learning while earning is the motto of this site and many members have benefited through that route.
    I wish you all the best in your journey through this educational portal.

    Knowledge is power.

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    If you have the passion for creative writing, you are definitely in the right place. Select the topic where you can deal in effectively.This will provide you a lot of satisfaction with your indulgence in the creative writing. However, the other advantages with your such passions will be your right guidance of the editors advising you the correct means of handling the situations. Here you can a lot from the team of editors if you don't take their advice otherwise. Learning and exhibiting your talents are going side by side and in due course, you would appreciate this site providing you improved skills in your writings apart from achieving mental satisfaction for your indulgence.

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